You Won’t Believe These Ridiculous Car Fails

Stuck In A Puddle


Here we have a perfect example of why you should never drive into a deep puddle. Chances are, you’re going to get your car stuck. This woman is learning a valuable driving lesson in this photo. For starters, turn around if a puddle is too high.

Also, be sure to wear the proper footwear to free your car in a situation like this. Those high heels aren’t doing her any favors. Hopefully, someone came along to help her because this looks like she was having a hard time. We bet she’ll never make this mistake again.

Stuck In The Snow

We get that everyone makes mistakes when it comes to driving, especially when it comes to snowy conditions. With a Texas license plate, it’s no wonder her car got stuck in the snow. It hardly ever snows in the Lone Star State. Regardless, this lady found herself in a tight spot.

This would be quite a sight to see on the side of the road. A beautiful blonde damsel in distress. We’re not sure if she was able to get out of this one on her own, especially in those fancy boots. She’s dressed for a party, not an unfortunate driving incident.

You’re Doing It Wrong

It’s a common joke to say that women and cars just don’t mix. While we don’t subscribe to that notion, this lady is making us wonder if the statement might not be too far from the truth. She clearly has no idea how to properly fill up a gas tank.

In a seriously dangerous move, she appears to be pouring gasoline directly onto her car. Ok, we have questions. Does she not know that the nozzle should go into the gas tank? Is she aware that gasoline is flammable? We may never know the answer to these burning questions.

Not An Exit

Fast Car Magazine

It looks like someone had a very bad day when this unfortunate photo was taken. In their defense, parking lots can be confusing to drive through. If only there had been some sort of sign to let the driver know that wasn’t actually an exit.

Oh, wait… There was a sign, and they drove right past it. Accidents do happen, but this one could have been avoided if the driver had paid attention. There’s no way they got out of this situation without calling a tow truck. That’s one expensive lesson to learn. We’d hate to have to pay that bill.

Stuck In The Mud

The Delight

These two ladies found out the hard way that it’s easy to get your car stuck in the mud. Especially if you’re driving a sports car without a 4-wheel drive. By the looks of it, they were headed somewhere fun and won’t be making it there any time soon.

Let this be a lesson to you, kiddos. Don’t go off-roading in a sports car, especially if you’re wearing a miniskirt. While you may look pretty, you’ll also look helpless and a bit silly stomping through the mud in your cute clothes. Maybe it’s true that you can’t have both beauty and brains.

Parking Fail

How did the driver of this car manage to drive up the pole like that? Despite the fact that it was a total parking fail, we’re actually kind of impressed. Either the driver was seriously talented or seriously stupid. We’re just not sure which. Luckily, they missed running over the flowers.

This is one of those accidents that you’ll probably only see once in a lifetime because the driver will never let it happen again. It just takes driving up a pole one time to learn that it’s not a good idea. We hope that their car wasn’t damaged too badly.

Merge Disaster

Fast Car Magazine

When it comes to driving, merging into a different lane can be challenging. The driver of this Mercedes clearly missed her turn and was trying to merge into the other lane. Unfortunately, the divider got in their way and now their automobile isn’t going anywhere.

It looks like they managed not to hit another car in the process, but they sure did cause a traffic jam. By the looks of the number of onlookers gathered around, they managed to create quite a scene as well. This whole situation is just embarrassing and unfortunate. We feel sorry for the driver.

Oops I Did It Again


Talk about an embarrassing situation! This poor woman chose the worst possible parking spot in the situation, right next to a small median that someone was just about to water. This is one of those moments when there is simply nothing you can do about it except shrugging your shoulders while trying to look as cute as possible.

That’s exactly what this girl did when she realized the mistake that she had made. It’s not like she could stop the water from spraying until the person who started it decides to shut it off. Might as well make it a photo op. At first, it’s a bad surprise, but afterwards, it makes a funny story to tell!

Driving Test Failure

Star Tribune

A teen driver in Buffalo, Minnesota, failed her driving test in a big way. The teenage girl crashed at the very beginning of the test when she accidentally ran her Chevy Equinox directly into a building.

According to The Star Tribune, she put the car in drive instead of reverse, which lurched the vehicle forward, causing it to jump the curb and plow through the front of the station in a strip mall. No one was injured inside the building and neither the driver nor the instructor was hurt. Of course, the test was halted because of the accident. Yikes!

A Thin Line


The driver of this SUV pulled off a dangerous maneuver when they drove their car into some electrical wires. While this appears to be an extremely unlucky situation, they actually were very lucky that the telephone pole didn’t crash onto them.

We hope everyone in the car was okay because they very easily could have gotten an electric shock from this accident. Regardless of the potential dangers, this photograph looks like a scene from an action movie. We bet that the driver totally felt like a stunt person after pulling off this crazy move.

A Tragedy

The Delight

This picture is just painful to look at. A person driving a red Mercedes Benz crashed into a red Ferrari and, by the looks of the man in the background, the aftermath wasn’t too pretty. Check out how the driver totally jumped onto the sports car! That’s quite a fete.

However, the accident happened, and we hate to see two such beautiful vehicles crash into each other. Here’s hoping that the diver of the Benz had good insurance because that bill isn’t going to be cheap! You know that Ferrari cost a fortune to fix. We’re just glad that no one looks to be hurt.

Overshot By A Bit

Fast Car Magazine

This lady instantly regretted her parking mistake when she drove her car over a ledge. We can guess that one of two things happened in this situation. Either she accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake or she put the car in drive instead of reverse.

Either way, the result was exactly the same because she lurched the car forward and became stuck on top of the wall. Wasn’t it so thoughtful of someone to take a photo of her standing next to the accident? She doesn’t look too happy about the situation at all.

Did I Do That?


We have to admit that this photo looks like an honest representation of this woman probably felt at the moment. It appears that she drove an SUV on top of another car that was parked in a parking lot. How in the world did she pull off that trick?

We love how her expression shows both shock and embarrassment. This isn’t something that happens every day, so why not snap a photo of the aftermath? Something tells us that she quit smiling once the police showed up at the scene. She probably committed several driving violations.

Say Cheese


This woman knows how to strike a pose no matter what the circumstances are around her. Say, for example, if she drove her car off the road and into a ditch. Nothing rattles her, not even slamming her car into a ravine. That’s some serious composure.

We love how the men around her are busy at work after the accident and she’s just not bothered by the situation at all. We can all earn from this mighty woman. She’s mastered the art of not giving a care about anything but how she looks. Which is gorgeous, by the way.

Busted Bike

The Delight

It can be challenging to pull a trailer behind a car, as this poor woman exhibited in this photograph. It appears she took a corner and flipped the trailer, along with the motorcycle it was carrying. We bet she feels so bad about destroying that bike.

All it takes is one wrong move to make something like this happen on the road. Luckily, no one was driving behind her and the motorcycle was the only thing injured in the accident. This could have been so much worse. Yet, we seriously doubt that she feels that way about it all.

In The Pool

The look on this girl’s face can give us an idea of just how bad this accident was. She crashed her car directly into a swimming pool in someone’s backyard. It looks like the SUV took just as much of a beating as the swimming pool it fell into.

It must have been so scary to be behind the wheel of the car when this situation unfolded. The clean-up looks like it was quite a job as well. There is nothing good to say about this photo except that we are so relieved that she wasn’t hurt in the wreck.

Speed Bump


Nothing like driving down a lovely cobblestone street to only steer your car directly over a chain. We’re not sure exactly what took place here, but none of it is good. The driver of this vehicle somehow drove over the road divider and crashed into a pillar.

That was not the smartest move, that’s for sure. This looks like a situation that would be impossible to fix without a tow truck because that car isn’t budging without a bit of help. We predict that the frame of the car was totaled. There’s no coming back from this.

Parking Dock

Well, here we have a slightly awkward situation. This unlucky lady somehow managed to drive her car over the edge and directly into a boat. Not only is this funny because it’s such a strange circumstance, but the fact that she looks totally unfazed is priceless.

Honestly, we’d be hiding in shame somewhere if we accidentally plowed our vehicle into a water vessel, but that’s just us. Not this lady. She stood in front of all the onlookers to pose for a pic. Does anyone else think that she actually looks proud of herself?

Strike A Pose


These two ladies are trouble. You can tell just by looking at them that they’re up to no good. It’s clear that they flipped their car over on a busy highway. Rather than keeping a low profile, they both struck the perfect pose at the scene of the accident.

We wouldn’t be surprised at all if they didn’t stop to check their hair and make-up before posing for the pic. Those ladies look too pretty to have just narrowly escaped death. Oh well, why not flaunt if you got it? At least they walked away unscathed.

In The Dumpster

Car Throttle

This is quite a comical situation that we can laugh at because it appears like the only thing damaged in this accident was the driver’s ego. How did this person manage to somehow jump their car directly into a dumpster? The odds are slim that they could pull this off ever again.

We hope the vehicle was removed before the trash truck arrived. That car is way too cool to end up in the dump. Yet, we’re so glad that someone took a moment to take a picture of this hilarious situation. Who would throw away a perfectly good car like that?

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Author: Hailey Warren