Weirdest Things Seen At Walmart

Daniel Boone Meets Daisy Duke Meets Crocodile Dundee

man wearing shorts and furBright Side

At Least They Apologized

sorry spillBright Side

Looks Like He Had A Long Day

sleeping manBright Side

Let’s Go Fishin’

man fishingBright Side

How To Mop A Floor Properly

boy riding on cartBright Side

Is This What They Mean When They Say To Ask For Assistance With Items On The Top Shelf?

kid reaching on shelfBright Side

When You’re Sick Of That Yucky Hospital Food

patient at

Someone Should Call CPS

stroller on

Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just Looking For Doctor Octopus

The Germophobe

man covered in bagsPinterest

Great Value Wedding Package

couple getting marriedFinance 101

DIY Pool

truck poolFinance 101

When You’re Tired Of People Asking You Where’s The Canned Pumpkin

man with a note on his backFinance 101

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

man standing on cartFinance 101

The Main Event

men wrestling in WalmartBuzzFeed

Did I Do That?

spilled milkBuzzFeed

Shirts And Shoes Required… Pants Optional

woman wearing no pantsShareably

Maybe Now He Can See That Suffocation Warning On The Bag

plastic bag on headShareably

Technically He’s Not Naked

naked man in WalmartShareably

Proud Parent

bumper stickerRunt

That’s Gotta Be Uncomfortable

tight shoes9GAG

The New Dunce Cap

man with plunger on headInside Edition

It’s Marty McFly!

skating cartInside Edition

Deleted Scene From The Lion King

animal toyseBaum’s World

What You Do When There Are No Empty Parking Spaces

car parked in cart return stalleBaum’s World

You Had One Job…

backpacks signeBaum’s World

Can I See, Too?

mom and sonTaringa!

Dad, Wait For Me!

kid dragged by cartVoomed

This Must Have Been The Inspiration Behind The Instituto De Estudos Orientais Logo

man sitting on poleVoomed /

This Is Exactly Where He Needs To Be

man wearing sagging pantsBored Panda

When Curious George Goes Shopping At Walmart

bananasBored Panda

Kneeded Bread

woman kneeling on breadBored Panda

Recreating The Broom Scene From Fantasia

brooms in WalmartBored Panda

When You Run Out Of Face Masks

plastic jug on headBored Panda

Say Cheese

woman posing on cheeseTwitter

She Can Go Straight From Walmart To The Club

woman overdressedGenmice

Hopefully, The Front Is Covered, Too

see-through tightsRuin My Week

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

apple display in WalmartRuin My Week

Perhaps It’s A Service Animal!

lizard on headRuin My Week

He’s Such A Boobhead

man wearing a hat with boobseBaum’s World

Is That Richard Simmons?

man in short shortsAwesome Inventions

All Aboard!

Walmart conga lineAwesome Inventions

Hee Hee!

Michael Jackson look-alikeNoteably

Ugly Christmas Sweater For Conjoined Twins

couples sweaterNoteably

He’s Got Legs

guy with long legsNoteably

Who Needs A Dressing Room?

woman trying on clothesPeople of Walmart

Cousin It

woman with big hairPeople of Walmart

Pimp My Ride: Senior Edition

man in decorated chairPeople of Walmart

It’s Honest Abe!

man wearing a stovepipe hatPeople of Walmart

DIY Sandals

woman wearing sneaker sandalsPeople of Walmart

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Author: Hailey Warren