The Worst Neighbors You’ll Be Glad Aren’t Yours

Going On The Lawn

man urinating in flower bedYouTube

If you look closely at the sign, you’ll see the owner is asking their neighbors to not let their dog use the flower bed as a bathroom. I guess this guy wanted to be funny and use it as a bathroom himself, so then he could say, “Well, the sign didn’t say anything about people not using it.”

What he may not realize, however, is that the joke is on him. It’s illegal to urinate in public in the U.S., and yet, here he is not only being caught in the act, but he now has his face plastered all over the internet.

Oscar The Grouch’s Apartment

trash bags in a hallwayReddit

This apartment has to belong to Oscar the Grouch (or my neighbor in college—I’ll get to that in a minute) because who else would just leave their trash lying around like that? Maybe he thinks the local Department of Sanitation is going to pick it up like they do when you put your garbage out on the curb.

I had a neighbor who did this when I was in college. I hated it and the trash would stay there for weeks. It was the most putrid smell ever. Luckily, we had a door in the hallway that separated the two apartments, so I always made sure to keep it closed.

The Never-Ending Barking

note about dog barkingBored Panda

Don’t you hate it when your neighbor’s dog won’t quit yapping? I know I do. Apparently, these people do, too. Just look at the note they left. I’m pretty sure they (and other neighbors, too) tried talking to the owners, but to no avail.

There is something else they could have tried, though. And you can try these, too, if your neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking. The first option is to call the local police department. They can go to the residence and notify the owner that there are complaints and something needs to be done. If that doesn’t work, then there’s always option two: call animal control. Not only will they investigate the matter, but they might even be able to issue warnings, fines, etc.

The Honest Thief

note and cashBored Panda

Ok, so can you really be mad at this neighbor? I mean, they did, after all, not only leave a note letting the victim know what happened, but they also left some money. As to whether it’s equal to the amount of gas they stole, well, that’s another story altogether.

Even though they were “kind” enough to leave a note and some cash, they still STOLE someone’s gas. So, to answer my initial question: YES, you should absolutely be mad about this! Just because they were nice about it (or at least they appeared to be) doesn’t make it right.

The Newspaper Thief

note from neighbor to newspaper thiefBored Panda

Not only does the thief not feel any shame for what they’ve done, they’ve also declared that they’re not stopping. To top it all off, they try to shame the victim for using vulgar language.

Putting up this note, no matter how vulgar some may feel it is, was actually a brilliant idea. If there’s a camera nearby, all the victim has to do is get the building owner to review it to see who wrote the response, and then they’d know who the culprit is. Of course, it could have just been a prankster who replied to this note. In that case, this guy has more than one bad neighbor.

The Rude Note

rude noteHistory A2Z

We all have those neighbors (and sometimes co-workers) who really don’t mean any harm, but are super-duper annoying and/or boring. And while we just wanna tell them to go away, we know it would be rude to hurt their feelings, so we just tolerate them.

Of course, if the situation gets too bad, you could always tell them that you’re just not interested in their friendship. But something like that requires sensitivity. What it doesn’t require is throwing up a rude sign on the front of your yard telling the person how you truly feel. This guy must have been so embarrassed to have his neighbors broadcast their disdain for him to the whole world.

The Spy

binoculars on a fenceHistory A2Z

Eighties singer Rockwell would hate living next door to this guy. For those who don’t know, Rockwell is best known for his hit song “Somebody’s Watching Me.”

And while this might only be a wooden man and not an actual person peering into someone else’s yard, I’m willing to bet this guy has rigged it somehow so that he can use the wooden man to spy on his neighbors without their knowledge. It’s totally possible in this day and age. And, if it’s true, it’s absolutely creepy.

The whole thing could just be a joke, though, and he’s not really spying on anyone. I’m not so sure his neighbors find it funny.

The Mooning Bush

mooning bushHistory A2Z

It’s crazy how this person had nothing else better to do with their time than to cut a bush in the shape of a person mooning someone. And look at how it’s aimed right at the neighbor’s fence. How rude!

I can understand if the neighbors had gotten into a little dispute. It happens, right? But the mature thing to do would be to talk it over. You know, try to work it out. And perhaps they tried that, and it didn’t work. Who knows? What I do know is that this was definitely not the way to handle it. Even if it was the other guy’s fault, it just makes this guy look bad.

The Wi-Fi Thief

text messagesHistory A2Z

Too bad this guy didn’t have the Wi-Fi Thief Detector app on his phone. He would have instantly known what his neighbor was doing. And the fact that he’d been doing it for an entire year, yet this guy was kind enough to ask for the password to use it just for the weekend and even offered to bring beer!

Can you imagine his surprise (and likely disgust) when he found out his neighbor was stealing his Wi-Fi? Unfortunately, there’s no federal law prohibiting the use of a neighbor’s Wi-Fi. The closest thing is the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which was enacted in 1986 to address hacking. The act was an amendment to the first federal computer fraud law.

Trick Or Treat

a bowl of broccoliHistory A2Z

Now, this is just plain mean! There’s nothing kids hate more than green vegetables, and this individual decides to hand some out for Halloween?!

Yes, children here in America need to practice healthier eating habits, but Halloween is not the time to try to get them to start. As long as they eat healthy the rest of the year, this one day won’t hurt. But somehow I get the feeling this person wasn’t concerned about the children’s health. They just wanted to be mean.

You can bet their house probably got egged and TP’d, too. Serves them right! After all, if they didn’t want to hand out candy, they could have just turned off all the lights and pretended that no one was home.

Trashy Yard

trashed yardHistory A2Z

Is this a front lawn or a refuse collection site? It looks like a garbage truck exploded all over it! It’s evident from the photo that this isn’t someone’s home—thank goodness for that. It’s a building of some sort. Just what building it is and where it’s located is a mystery to me.

All I know is that someone decided to dump trash all over the “grass” for whatever reason. What I also know is that the people who live nearby were probably very upset about it. That’s because a messy lawn can significantly lower neighboring property values. Not only that, but it’s just plain unsanitary.

The Archer


There are lots of facilities one could attend to brush up on their archery skills. A quick search on Google will turn up several results. Why on earth, then, would anyone practice in a neighborhood full of homes? If that’s even what happened.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this one could be saying anything. Yes, the damage could be the result of archery practice. Then again, it could be the result of a disgruntled neighbor who had a bone to pick with the homeowner. Either way, I’m sure the homeowner was completely disgusted by their actions and the fact that they not only have to pay to repair the broken glass but also for the damaged wall.

No Parking Zone

RV parked in the streetBuzzFeed

What would you do if your neighbor parked their huge RV like this and blocked half the street? There’s got to be some kind of law against this? Plus, I’m sure it goes against the HOA rules as well.

That being said, if this is your neighbor, you need to report them ASAP. You definitely can’t park your car like that, so it stands to reason you can’t park an RV like that either. This just goes to show how rude and inconsiderate some neighbors really can be. Not only are they making it hard for their neighbors to get in and out, they’re also making it difficult for emergency personnel to get through.

It’s Raining Poop

man pooping in a chimneyBuzzFeed

Something’s coming down the chimney, and it definitely isn’t Santa Claus! I’m sure Mike Williams wished that it was, though. Instead, what was coming down his chimney was poop. But it wasn’t from a bird like you probably suspected. It was from a person!

A neighbor spotted the young hooligan taking a dump in Williams’ chimney and ran up to tell him. “When I opened the door, the smell was incredible,” Williams told Sunday Sport. What’s more, is that the poop had splattered in the grate and ended up all over the rug in front of the fireplace.

Williams vowed that if he ever got his hands on the guy, he’d kick him in the behind so hard he’d never poop again.

Snow Shoveling

man shoveling snowHistory A2Z

It’s a good idea to shovel your snow in the winter. It’s a bad idea to shovel it on your neighbor’s yard, though. Not only is it not very neighborly of you, it’s just plain rude. But that’s exactly what this guy did.

Not only that, but he was caught in the act! Hmm, I wonder if there are any laws against that? Well, I don’t know about laws against shoveling snow onto a neighbor’s yard, but I do know that blowing anything into your neighbor’s yard is considered trespassing, and as such, the neighbor could sue for punitive damages. Let’s just hope this guy thinks twice before doing anything like this again.

Parental Protection

note about a child molesterWNEP-TV

One of your worst fears as a parent is for an adult to harm your children. An Arkansas dad experienced this, and he had just about enough of his 21-year-old neighbor harming his 16-year-old daughter, so he made this sign warning others about the creep in the neighborhood. What’s more is that the dad called the St. Francis County Sheriff’s Office, but law enforcement officers said they couldn’t do anything about the relationship between the two because 16 is the age of consent in Arkansas.

Thankfully, the sign got a lot of attention and was shared on social media. In fact, it went viral, and that’s exactly what the father wanted to happen. His hope is that spreading the word about this guy will push lawmakers to raise the age of consent to 18.

Owl Thief

owl thiefBored Panda

This just goes to show that you never know the value (monetary, sentimental, etc.) that an item holds. The fact that this was a Mother’s Day gift probably makes this even more upsetting for the recipient.

You know, what’s funny about this situation is that people on Reddit seem to be more upset about the language the mother used than about the fact that someone stole her ornament right off her property. I mean, could you really count on neighbors like that if your stuff was stolen? Can you imagine them being more upset with you, the victim, simply for the way you expressed your feelings over the fact that someone took something of yours that was very important to you? I wonder how many of them criticizing the sign actually use that exact language on a regular basis.

Lookin’ Through The Windows

man taking photosBuzzFeed

I’m pretty sure this isn’t what the Jackson 5 meant when they sang “Lookin’ Through The Windows!” Okay, so what do you think this guy is actually doing? Is he snapping pictures of a home he finds really beautiful and hopes to make it his home some day? Is he a private eye who’s helping his client spy on someone? Is he a peeping tom who likes to keep “souvenirs” from his sick, twisted adventures?

No matter which one, I think we can all agree that this guy is pretty creepy, and the fact that he’s doing this in broad daylight without a care in the world of being spotted is what makes this even more crazy.

The Pumpkin Thief

stolen pumpkinFunCage

How cruel do you have to be to steal a pumpkin from a 2-year-old on Halloween? Was this the “trick” part of trick or treat? If it was, it certainly was a cruel trick to play.

Now, I could always give the thief the benefit of the doubt. It could’ve been another kid who stole it. Still, if they’re old enough to walk over there all by themselves and take a pumpkin that doesn’t belong to them, they’re old enough to know that stealing (especially from a 2-year-old) is just plain wrong. I feel sorry for the kiddo. But hey, at least he’s too young to remember what happened. Hopefully, his mom came up with a good story to tell him about the missing pumpkin, so he wouldn’t get too upset.

The Bird

wooden middle fingerHuffPost

An Australian man erected this wooden “bird” after his neighbors complained to the city council about him. I’m not sure exactly what they were complaining about, but I’m sure their complaints weren’t unwarranted. No, I don’t know anything about this guy, but his response to the complaints tells me everything I need to know about him.

I mean, who does something like this? At no time during his carving did he think maybe this was a bad idea? And then not only that, but he went so far as to put it on his front lawn. Can you imagine what passersby must think of this man? They’re probably glad they don’t live in his neighborhood.

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Author: Hailey Warren