The Worst Coworkers To Step Foot In The Office

Christmas In The Office


Just when you thought the holiday season was over, you walk into your office and see this. What’s better than getting surprised with gifts? We’ll tell you, nothing! Just ask this person. It is like Christmas morning for them.

You get to unwrap all of these presents as soon as you walk in! Granted, you already know what all of them are. But maybe there is something new wrapped up in there somewhere! Honestly, we think these coworkers are just trying to be nice.

Watch Out For The Ghost Pepper


Can you imagine the chaos that would break out without this notice letter? I mean, the number of people screaming in pain would be enough for someone to call the police. But there are no actual crimes happening here.

It’s just a small ghost pepper incident. If you think about it, the situation could be 10 times worse. Except if you were the person that found out that the ghost pepper was still lingering in the microwave. Then it probably is the worst possible situation for you.

Hard-Boiled Computer


This is just an innocent prank, right? All they wanted was to wrap their coworker’s computer in tin foil. They probably thought to themselves, “what is the worst that could happen?” I mean, it’s basically just an insulated wrapping paper.

But this prank turned out to be not so innocent. They basically fried the computer from the inside out. There is absolutely no fixing this. You will have to throw the entire thing in the garbage and just start over.

Those Are Not Donuts


Who doesn’t love walking into the office to see donuts already waiting for them? It’s the best way to start the work day. But this right here, this is absolutely insane. What kind of person does this to their coworkers?

What would you do if you went to open a box of donuts and you saw this instead? That is basically grounds for termination. Okay, maybe it isn’t that intense, but it definitely should not be taken lightly. This just isn’t fair.

New Tattoo


Sometimes you have a craving to do something new. So, you think about getting a new tattoo. You want something that represents who you are and will be with you for the rest of your life. But what kind of tattoo would that be?

Would you want a tattoo like this? No? Well, we don’t think this is what they wanted, either. But, luckily, it isn’t a real tattoo. It’s just a classic prank. You know, the kind of prank where you fill up rubber gloves with ink? Yeah, that kind of prank.

The Leaning Tower


We think it would be best to try and get on this person’s good side. Who knows when you will be the next person on their hit list? Do you want to have a chewed-up gum tower in one of your desk drawers? We don’t think so.

Whatever this person did must have been pretty bad to end up in this situation. What kind of person takes their time to individually chew each piece of gum and make something like this? Clearly, this is the kind of coworker that you need to watch out for.

The Donut Bandit


This person is just straight-up crazy. Do they even realize what they have done? Maybe they just wanted to taste each donut, but they didn’t have to do it like this. This just ruins it for everyone else. Now, who can eat these?

They all have had this person’s mouth all over them. I guess you could just cut around the bite, but that would take too much effort for someone who could barely make it to work on time. And now they have to deal with this?

Forbidden Mug


Let’s get one thing straight, this is just absurd. There are simply no other words to explain the mess that is this coffee mug. Have they ever washed this mug before? Don’t answer that, we can clearly tell what is going on.

Maybe this makes sense. It’s the same theory as making your bed every morning. Why would you make your bed just to mess it up again? So, why would they wash their mug just to use it again? It’s the same thing going inside it every day. Where’s the harm in that?

I Will Not Share


Sometimes it is hard to get your coworkers to stop stealing your snacks. But let’s be honest, chances are that you have probably taken something from them as well. In any case, there is a limit as to what they can take before you start to notice.

If it is a snack that you love, you will stop at nothing to make sure that no one steals it from you. Yeah, sharing is fine and all, but what happens when someone takes it too far? You will never get that back. It’s gone forever. Save what you can.

Take Your Dang Dishes


You never know what the work day may throw at you. Sometimes, you are so overwhelmed that you don’t even have the time to take a sip of water. So, you can’t be bothered with useless tasks that distract you from your work.

Taking your dirty dishes and placing them in a different spot is clearly an inconvenience. Maybe they should change the system instead. What they are doing right now is not working for them or their employees.

NOT For Your Ping Pong Ball


You never know when you are going to need a ping pong ball. What if your coworkers want to play a quick game? Or what if they want to play beer pong, without the beer? You will obviously need a clean ping pong ball for either situation.

Plus, the coffee pot heats up, so it sanitizes the ball so it’s clean when you use it for whatever game you need it for. If they are cleaning the coffee pot after the ping pong ball is inside, what’s the problem with that? It’s not like anyone is drinking dirty ping pong ball water.

Something Is Growing Inside


Alright, someone needs to take control of this situation. Why do these people feel like this is ok? At this point, it is probably best to just throw the entire thing in the garbage, it just can’t be salvaged.

Plus, who would want to drink coffee that came from the pot after it looked like that? You would probably get ill from that coffee. Does it have a smell to it, too? Seriously, someone has to do something about this, and fast.

Who Cut This Cake?


This looks like someone woke up and immediately chose violence. How is anyone else in the office supposed to enjoy a piece of cake after seeing it like this? They can’t, that’s how. There is no possible way for someone to enjoy this cake after seeing it like this.

Anyway, who cuts these shapes out of a cake? Neither the triangle nor the circle is a standard cake slice shape. Well, not for this kind of cake, at least. Normally, people start from the outside and cut square or rectangle slices.

The Classic Office Prank


Ah, the good old stapler in Jello prank. Have you ever felt the urge to do this to one of your coworkers? It’s pretty simple! All you need to do is make some jello and put the stapler inside before it sets, and voilà!

If you want to do this, just make sure that who you do this to knows how to take a joke. If they can’t take a joke, you could end up with something much worse. Either way, someone will be left with a sticky, wet mess. Good luck trying to clean that up.

Just The Top


Sometimes you just need a banana and a muffin to start your day. But instead of taking the whole muffin, you just cut the top off of the one that you want. You wouldn’t want to waste it, would you? Maybe someone else would enjoy the bottom half of that muffin, who knows!

What about everyone else? Is it possible that someone else can genuinely enjoy eating only the bottom half of this? I mean, you took the best part away from them. Now, all they are left with is the bland part. But hey, maybe that’s what they wanted, anyway.

Safety First


If you want to make sure that no one steals your safety goggles again, all you have to do is write your name on them. You have to make sure that you write it clearly so that everyone else can see it, or else they could confuse their pair with yours.

Seriously, why would you write it anywhere else on the goggles? It’s not like writing your name here will obstruct your view or anything. If you need to wear safety goggles for work, it’s probably for an important reason, and you would need to see everything clearly.

Not My Problem


If a Monday morning was in a photo, this would be it. The worst things always seem to happen on Mondays, don’t they? You could’ve had the best weekend of your life, only for it to end with a week like this. You never know what a Monday will bring.

Nevertheless, this seems like it could be a problem. If anything, it’s a major safety concern. Hopefully, all of these employees are wearing decent shoes, so the glass doesn’t puncture their feet. Even if you did notice this mess, would you help clean it up?

Pringle Cake


Who doesn’t love Sour Cream and Onion Pringles? They are the best side to go along with your lunchtime sandwich. Well, any chips, for that matter. It’s just a staple. Sometimes, your coworkers are even generous enough to share theirs with you.

So why not turn your favorite snack into a sweet treat? It seems like it would be a good idea. Who knows? Maybe it actually tastes pretty decent, as long as you aren’t eating a sour cream and onion-flavored cake.

Go Ahead, Try For Yourself

Bored Panda

A voice-activated coffee maker? Yes, please! All you need to do when you arrive at the office is tell it to start brewing and you are all set for the day. What is better than that? Maybe if this was actually voice-activated, that would be better.

Instead, you are just standing in the office break room yelling at the coffee maker, looking foolish, when nothing is going to happen. Who could do this to a person? This could seriously be the breaking point for someone.

We Hope You’ve Had Your Coffee

Bored Panda

If you weren’t awake when you got to the office, you will definitely be awake after taking a seat at your desk. There is nothing quite like a refreshing air horn to get your day started. Plus, it wakes everyone else up around you as well.

I mean, there could be worse pranks, but there definitely could be better ones as well. At least no one actually gets hurt with this one. Maybe you’ll have a headache the rest of the day, but you’ll be fine. Then you get to plan your revenge on whoever did this to you.

Aw, What A Cute Baby

Bored Panda

Who can spend all day every day at their office without decorating? Normally, people will use family photos as decor, as this person did. All they wanted was to be reminded of their child at home. They probably just got back from parental leave, too.

Instead, someone took it upon themselves to add a little bit of spice to these photos. And they did just that. This person will never be able to look at these photos the same way again. Possibly their child as well. They’ll be haunted with googly eyes for the rest of their days.

Time For Some Sumo Coffee

Bored Panda

Coffee, anyone? How could you possibly start the day without a good cup of joe? It wakes you up and gives you the energy to tackle the rest of the day’s tasks. Even if you don’t enjoy coffee, these machines can pump out other beverages as well.

Most offices have an area for you to pour yourself a cup of coffee. What kind of job would it be without it? Sometimes people try to make things entertaining by adding things like this throughout the office. Would you still drink the coffee?

We’re Sorry

Bored Panda

People will throw parties for the most random things. Did they get a new dog? Party. Cut their hair? Party. Got stabbed? Party. Well, they aren’t throwing a party because you got stabbed, they’re throwing it because you survived, duh.

Plus, they are sorry that it happened. So, they want to cheer you up with a nice cake and a fun get-together. Who wouldn’t want that? These people are just glad that you are still alive and they just wanted to show you how much they care.

Just Close The Lid!


This person needs to take a step back and really evaluate their current situation. Sure, everyone needs pens while they are at the office. But how are you supposed to use those pens when the person who used them before you refuses to put the lid on properly?

Can you imagine the amount of money this company goes through by constantly replacing these dried-out pens? There are six pens just in the photo, so think of all the other pens just wasting away in other parts of the office.

Good Luck Working Now

Bored Panda

Good luck trying to get any work done here, buddy. You made the wrong person angry, and this is how they are getting their revenge. They don’t want to make it easy for you like some kind of stapler in jello prank, no.

They want to see you suffer. Plus, they’ve made sure that no one else in the office will help you retrieve your items from the ceiling. What could this person possibly have done to make them so angry? We’re glad this isn’t happening to us.

A Meeting For The Ages

Bored Panda

Welcome! Would you like to sit next to the green, red, yellow, black, or blue Power Ranger for today’s meeting? They are only here to observe, so just pretend like they aren’t even there. They are just interested in what the company has to offer.

Seriously, can you imagine walking into a meeting to see this? What kind of company do you think this is? Maybe it’s some sort of vetting service for talent to perform at children’s parties. Or maybe this is just an everyday occurrence for this business.

Don’t Touch My Mug

Bored Panda

When you spend so much time at the office, it’s hard not to notice things. Like, how could you not notice this person’s adorable reindeer mug? It’s just so cute! When something is this cute, you have to feel it. There is no other option.

Even though you know that everyone loves your mug, it is still your mug. So that means that it is off-limits to everyone else, even if it is so cute that they can’t resist. You still need to send a message to everyone else to leave it alone, but they won’t.

It’s All Temporary

Well, they aren’t wrong. But we don’t think it was meant to be this deep. All they were trying to convey was that the printer was in this location for a short amount of time, temporarily. So, if anyone was upset, they wouldn’t have to be for long.

It was a simple message that someone took to mean something else. I mean, we are here temporarily. No one lives forever. Even the oldest person in the world has to die at some point, even if they are here longer than other people.


Bored Panda

Have you ever offered to pay for your coworker’s lunch when they forgot their wallet at home? I mean, you trust them and you know that they’ll pay you back, right? Plus, you are sure that they would do the same for you if the roles were reversed.

But have you ever had a coworker pay you back with pennies? No cash at all, just coins. They decided they wanted to have a good time and make someone laugh, so they paid you back in an inconvenient way. Money is money, right?

Don’t Talk About It

Bored Panda

The worst possible thing is someone spoiling the end of a book, movie, or TV series before you’ve had the chance to watch it for yourself. But sometimes people will not respect your wishes. They will do what they want without any repercussions.

You need to make it clear. Tell the entire office that you haven’t watched the latest episode. If they do decide to discuss the events of the episode, whatever happens to them after that is not your fault. You warned them.

Costume Contest


There are good pranks, and there are great pranks. This prank just happens to fall into the great category. No one was harmed, except maybe this guy’s dignity. He woke up thinking he was going to work dressed as a Smurf, just like everyone else.

He was wrong. Well, he was dressed like a Smurf, but everyone else definitely was not. He was the only person covered in blue paint for the entire day. Whoever planned this did an amazing job. This guy probably isn’t too excited about it, though.

A Screw Is Loose


Whoever forgot to properly close the lid on this container will absolutely be getting an ear full. It is an honest mistake. We have all thought we had closed the lid on something, only to realize that we didn’t actually close it all the way.

But to the person who had this mess happen to them, they probably weren’t too thrilled about it. Now they have to spend an insane amount of time just putting everything back where it is supposed to go.

Lazy, Or Genius?


When you finally are in your groove at work, there is no stopping you. But that groove doesn’t always mean that it is work-related. Sometimes you can get distracted by something silly and then it takes up all of your time.

Just ask this person! He has become so focused on building this trash tower that he just can not seem to do anything else. It is pretty impressive, though. The fact that he has gone this long without having to take his trash out is quite the accomplishment.

Sticky Door


When you are in a pinch, you might have to ask your coworker for a favor. It could be something simple, like borrowing their pen or asking them to look over your presentation. Or, maybe, you just need a quick ride somewhere.

They oblige and you find yourself sitting in the car for longer than you expected. Obviously, you are getting tired and your jaw begins to hurt from nervously chewing your gum. What other option do you have than to stick it to the door handle?

Grow Up

Bored Panda

What is the deal with Comic Sans? Basically, everyone on the planet has decided that this font is disgusting and not worth anyone’s time. Some people feel so strongly about this font that they won’t even read something that uses it.

Just take this company, for example. They don’t even want to be associated with the font. For goodness’ sake! They are a Fortune 500 Company! Have some dignity people. This isn’t a child’s lemonade stand. Use a more professional font next time.

Diseased Keyboard


Oh. My. Gosh. Who could possibly work under these conditions? Seriously, how could anyone focus on something other than the fact that this keyboard could possibly be spreading diseases? It looks like it can’t even function properly.

How is someone going to be able to push the keys all the way down? Clearly, they can’t because of the amount of junk covering the keyboard. Someone needs to do their coworker a favor and throw this thing right into the garbage.

This Is Mine


No matter where you go, there always seems to be an office thief. And sometimes enough is enough. So, you come up with a plan to make sure that no one can steal your stuff again. Obviously, you can only use the supplies you have on hand.

Now, paper clips can definitely come in handy at the office, but we don’t think they are exactly bulletproof when it comes to protecting your belongings. If someone really wanted to take your stapler, they could manage that pretty easily.

Hidden Bottle

Bored Panda

It’s 5 o’clock for someone in this office every day. They never know when they will need to take a shot of something, so they make sure to keep it on hand at all times. Plus, no one else knows about it, so it really is fine.

Well, someone knows about it now, but they don’t know whose it is. All they know is that someone in the office is an alcoholic, but that could be anyone! Whoever bottle this is, you are safe for now. Just make sure to keep it on the down-low from here on out.

Diet Coke Notice

Bored Panda

Diet Coke is possibly one of the greatest gifts to mankind. When you have a hard day, Diet Coke will be there to comfort you. If you got into an argument with your coworker, Diet Coke won’t judge you for what you said. Diet Coke is always there for you.

So, when someone thinks they can take the only thing that is getting you through life, you get serious. You say in any way that you can that this Diet Coke is yours, and only yours. If someone takes one more bottle from you, that will be the end of them.

Photocopy Or Screenshot?


Working with office machines can tend to be kind of tricky. Seriously, how do you even scan documents on those things? What happens when the toner runs out? There are so many things to navigate with these things.

One of the most difficult settings on these machines is the copy setting. What do you do when you need to make a copy of something that is on your phone? Can’t you just make a copy of your phone screen? Clearly, you can’t.

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Author: Hailey Warren