The Funniest Tattoo Fails You’ve Ever Seen

The Bombshell

Marilyn Monroe tattooBored Panda

This is more like Scarilyn Monroe ’cause it looks like she’s just as frightened as we are looking at her. And what’s with the flowers? I wasn’t the only one who noticed that. A Reddit user said it looked like her severed head in the bushes. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what it looks like. Creepy, right?

Here are some more comments from Reddit that describe just how terrifying this tattoo really is:

“Right photo is screaming for help.”—@RCN

“Is it a before and after death?”—@birdhouse

“Reminds me of the Magic School Bus episode where Phoebe is turned into a potted plant and is all depressed.”—@philosoraptocopter

“Dear god…”—@Aaron Kara

Drawn To Scale

snake tattoo on legBored Panda

I’m not gonna lie. At first glance, I thought this was a real corn snake—so did a lot of other people on social media. It wasn’t until I saw the shoe and sock that I realized I was looking at someone’s leg.

That being said, it’s obvious the tattoo artist has some serious skills (shout out to Kryz Jewell at Bent n’ Twiztid in Willington, CT). So, on that note, this tattoo is a win. The fail is the fact that this person got their whole leg tattooed to look like a snake. I mean, if they like it, hey, that’s cool. But this definitely isn’t a design I’d want to get.

Bad Driving Habits

stick shift tattooBored Panda

This really grinds my gears—and his, too, I’m sure. Because that’s exactly what’s going to happen if he follows the gear shift tattooed on his arm.

Sure, grinding gears happens every once in a while, but anyone who drives a manual transmission vehicle has likely learned the hard way that grinding the gears all the time can lead to car troubles—specifically clutch and transmission damage.

This is a clear sign that he AND the tattoo artist should definitely stick to automatic transmission vehicles—or at least take an eye exam because I don’t know how they both missed this mistake!

Shady Eyes

sunglasses tattooBored Panda

Eat your heart out, Corey Hart. This guy wears his sunglasses at night, too! And during the day. And pretty much all the time. That’s because he paid someone to tattoo them onto his face. Yes, he actually did that, and Ray-Ban Films has a YouTube video to prove it.

The man, who goes by Matthew G15 on Flickr, had a tattoo artist draw a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses on his face. Never have I seen someone love their sunglasses so much!

Anyway, I’m sure this guy is going to have a pretty hard time getting a job with that tattoo—unless, of course, he wants to be a superhero sidekick!

The Student Art Show

crab tattooBored Panda

I titled this one “The Student Art Show” because that’s exactly what this tattoo looks like—an elementary school art show entry, complete with crayon and magic marker coloring.

Too bad for this guy. He didn’t make sure his tattoo artist had some actual skills before letting him draw on him because that thing on his back looks nothing like what’s on that paper. It could definitely win a prize in his little sister or brother’s art show, though. Perhaps not first place, but at least an honorable mention.

Thankfully, he can get it removed. The bad part about that is that it’ll cost him way more to remove it than it did to have it applied. I’m sure he will consider this a lesson learned.

360-Degree View

eyes tattooBored Panda

So, this is what they mean when they say a person has eyes in the back of their head!

My first thought was that this thing reminds me of a 1980s wrestler. I couldn’t think of exactly who, so I Googled 80s wrestlers and came up with King Kong Bundy. Yeah, I can definitely see that. Then again, it kind of reminds me of The Iron Sheik, too, when he’s not wearing his headdress. I can also see a resemblance to Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series.

You know, it’s just a matter of time before people start trying to put real eyes in the back of their head. That is where the occipital lobe (the part of your brain that handles sight) is located, after all.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

wrongfully convicted tattooBored Panda

This guy’s totally innocent. It’s written all over his face! Too bad for him, no one else believes that.

I don’t really know what this guy was thinking. If he truly was wrongfully convicted (which is definitely a possibility), tattooing it on his face isn’t going to make people believe him. All he has to do is prove it—which we all know is sometimes easier said than done.

Perhaps he knows that, and he’s just gearing up for job interviews when he gets released. Potential employers won’t even have to ask him to explain his conviction on his application. They’ll just be able to look at his face and see that he’s innocent.

Head And Matching Bag

Louis Vuitton tattooBored Panda

Are you sure it’s a tattoo, and he didn’t accidentally fall asleep on a Louis Vuitton bag in hot weather? That was the question posed by one Reddit user. And, you know what? It kind of looks like that’s what happened to him.

I wonder if he’s getting paid for this or is it free advertising for the renowned fashion house? My guess would be the latter, which really makes this a stupid move on his part. That would be my only motivation for doing something like this, and even then I would have to get them to come up with another way for me to advertise for them because I’m certainly not going to shave and tattoo my head.

By the way, did you see the matching bag hanging on the hook?

Medical Emergency

diabetic tattooBored Panda

Did you know that people with diabetes are discouraged from getting tattoos? That’s because tattoos pierce the skin between 50 and 3,000 times a minute. “Your skin is a barrier that protects you from infections,” Dr. Avadhanula told Cleveland Clinic. “Getting a tattoo breaks this barrier. A tattoo affects the dermis, or the second layer of skin, because the cells of the dermis are more stable than the first layer, or epidermis.”

In other words, getting a tattoo puts diabetics at risk for infection and difficulty fighting the infection off if they do happen to develop one.

This guy really could have gone the simple route and gotten a medical ID card, necklace, or bracelet. Not only would it have been safer, it would have been cheaper, too.

Get Your Head In The Game

mole basketball tattooBored Panda

This guy’s really got his head in the game! But seriously, this tattoo is actually very clever. It’s still a fail, though, for one very important reason, and that is that you should never ever put a tattoo on or near a mole.

According to an article written by Harvard Health Publishing, “tattoos may make it difficult to evaluate moles,” and “can hide suspicious changes in moles.” Additionally, “ink can also seep into underlying tissues and mimic the spread of metastatic melanoma.”

FYI, Harvard Health Publishing says that you should avoid getting ink to skin on or near birthmarks as well.

Holy Moly!

constellation of stars tattooBuzzFeed

Yeah, I know it looks like a bunch of moles, but this tattoo is actually supposed to be a constellation of stars. I don’t see it, and I’m sure you don’t either. Can you say epic fail?

You know what? It kind of reminds me of that book by Judy Blume titled Freckle Juice—although I don’t think freckles are actually that dark. Perhaps she should just stick to the mole story. Or maybe she could say they’re age spots. Or, perhaps she could just tell people that an ink pen broke and splattered all over her chest! Either way, it would make for a good conversation piece.

Negative Affirmation

never don't give up tattooJustsomething

Is it true that a double negative makes a statement positive? Sometimes, but definitely not in this case. And this tattoo is negative in more ways than one. Not only does it contain a double negative, the message it sends out is a negative one. Instead of encouraging himself and others to never give up, he instead encourages everyone to always give up.

Now, perhaps he should have edited his sentence a bit so that it reads “never give up” instead.

Honestly, though, it might not even be his fault. Perhaps the tattoo artist goofed? Who knows. Either way, this was definitely an epic fail.

The Twin Peaks

eyebrow tattooJustsomething

Now, this is what happens when you let Bozo the Clown do your tattoo, because this looks more like clown makeup than anything else.

And why are her eyebrows so pointy? Perhaps this was a sad attempt at arching them? Truthfully, she’d have been better off drawing them on with a liner pencil or just not donning any brows at all. There are plenty of people who have no eyebrows and they still look attractive. Examples are Whoopi Goldberg, Ronnie Devoe… okay, well, they’re the only two I can think of right now, but you see where I’m going with this.

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

too cool for school tattooModern Man

Yep, this person is too cool for school. Too bad they weren’t smart enough to realize the importance of getting an education. But before we blame the tatted person, we might want to side-eye the tattoo artist as well. It could have been a mistake on their part. Either way, they both need to pick up a dictionary.

Aside from the spelling error, this is just a really crappy tattoo overall. I mean, it looks like something I would have drawn in kindergarten. People, and I cannot stress this enough, please check out a tattoo artist’s work BEFORE you let them draw on your body.

Soul Mates

name tattoosYellow Octopus

“When I find the one, I’m gonna tattoo her name somewhere on my body.” That’s what a lot of guys say, and it looks like this guy has found the girl for him not once, not twice, but nearly a half dozen times.

I mean, I get it. We fall in and out of love dozens of times in our lives. But that’s what makes these tattoos so ridiculous. Perhaps he should have talked to Twitter user Vinny, aka @Akujesu, before he put all of those names on his arm. Vinny’s advice is to “just make sure it’s a biblical name, like John, Samuel, James, etc., so if you breakup eventually you can just add 6 vs 9.”

I must say that I like Vinny’s idea.

The Best-Laid Plans

plan ahead tattooYellow Octopus

Folks, this is what happens when you don’t plan ahead.

Now, I understand the need for having an even number of letters, but perhaps this person could have put something on their right thumb to balance it out so that each finger would have something on it instead of leaving off the “d.”

You know, now that I think about it, they could have purposely left off the “d” to further illustrate the need to plan ahead. I’m sure most people won’t look at it in that way, though. They’ll just assume that this is just another tattoo fail, which it likely is.

The Earworm

KitKat tattooAnt Hill

“Gimme a break
“Gimme a break
“Break me off a piece of that KitKat bar”

Boy, I bet he can’t get that jingle out of his head now! No, but seriously, I get it. Everyone loves chocolate. But was this really necessary?

Additionally, there’s a KitKat bar that’s missing. It’s usually one drawn on the outside of the package, but it seems the tattoo artist forgot it.

I wish there was more I could say about this, but unfortunately I know nothing about this guy and why he got this tattoo. I’ve scoured the web for information, to no avail. Oh, well. Perhaps if you guys know something, you could shoot us a message. We’d sure appreciate it.

Ana’s Tattoo

Ana's tattooPulptastic

I am sure Ana was a bit anal about this tattoo once she read what it looks like it says. And I do not blame her one bit. Truth be told, I would be upset, too.

Now, I know they don’t teach cursive writing in school anymore, but perhaps someone should tell this tattoo artist that the tail (no pun intended) on the end of that second “a” is way too high. I’m gonna get this artist a cursive writing worksheet (and one of those fat pencils, too) so he or she can practice tracing the letter “a” like we used to do back in elementary school.

Just Do It!

Nike swoosh tattooPulptastic

I’m sure that’s what she told herself when she went in to get this tattoo, but she should have said “Don’t do it” instead.

Sure, she’s allowed to express her love for Nike to the world, but this thing looks like a piece of black painter’s tape that accidentally got stuck to her neck.

There are plenty of scarves, neck warmers, and other neckwear with that famous Nike swoosh on it. She really should have opted for one of those instead. You can get them for less than $30 and can take them off and put them back on anytime you want.

Mind Reading

racist tattooPulptastic

We don’t need a penny for his thoughts because we can see exactly what he’s thinking. But, hey, at least he’s honest.

…Or could it be something else?

This tattoo reminds me of an episode of The Young and the Restless that aired in the early 1990s. Villain David Kimble faked his death and hired a plastic surgeon to make him look like David Hasselhoff. The surgeon, however, decided to carve the word “Killer” into Kimble’s forehead instead because he knew that Kimble had murdered his own wife.

Perhaps the tattoo artist knows something about this guy we don’t. Things that make you go hmm…

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Author: Hailey Warren