Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong Reasons

I’m Her Biggest Fan

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsGoFundMe

Everyone has someone in their life that they would do anything for, but some of the craziest people are the ones who worship celebrities. They would stop at nothing to get what they want. Some people even end up getting arrested for their obsessions. But this girl is simply asking for a little help. Maybe to you, her wish is a little out there, but to her, this is exactly what she needs in life.

A bottle of tears. As we all know, celebrity breakups are always at the center of the media’s attention. To be honest, we do like to stay up to date on all things celeb drama, so we understand. But we do not normally see those celebrities selling their relationship mementos. Fans will do anything to get their hands on something that once belonged to their idols. So, when this fan noticed that Noah Cyrus was selling a bottle of her tears, she set up a GoFundMe to raise money to help her purchase it. Unfortunately, she did not reach her goal, and the campaign was shut down quickly after it was created.

Spirit Animal Tattoo

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsGoFundMe

Do you have a spirit animal? If not, think about it. What animal do you feel like perfectly describes you? Could it be a lion? A dolphin? An elephant? Or how about a squirrel? This person feels like a squirrel is her spirit animal, and she needs it tattooed on her body ASAP. Maybe it is just a midlife crisis, but how can you be sure? What if she has wanted this tattoo her entire life? It only makes sense that she would reach out to the internet to help her fund this decision.

When someone makes a questionable life choice, it sometimes includes getting a tattoo. I mean, we don’t know what’s going on in this person’s life, or what squirrels mean to them, but do they need to convince others to give them money for it? And $2,000 seems a bit extreme for this sort of ink.

Help A Lazy Person


It is admirable to see someone working so hard for what they want. It might be easy to assume that someone has had everything handed to them until you see them working in action. But it is hard to be rich when you don’t come from a wealthy family. Why couldn’t we all just have been born rich? Wouldn’t life be so much easier? Instead, we have to work for it, like this guy is doing (sort of.)

Oscar Andersson had a plan to become rich. He set up a GoFundMe to seek help. Technically, he is not working for the funds, unless you want to count setting up the campaign. Which we do not think is that much work in the first place. But Mr. Andersson had a dream. That dream was for everyone else to help a lazy person become rich. What would you do? Would you give him money to help his cause?

Going Bald

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsGoFundMe

When someone starts to go bald, they will do one of two things. One option would be for them to shave their entire head. This way, no one can tell that they don’t have any hair, because it is shaved off, anyway. Or option two would be for them to try and cover it up for the rest of their life. This guy just happened to choose the second option. He started a GoFundMe campaign to help aid in his new lifestyle change.

Sometimes you just need to ask for help. Maybe you can’t do it on your own, or you might be in a place where asking for help is your only option. Like this guy! He noticed that he may be losing hair at a quicker rate than normal, and he is just trying to figure out what his next step is. How could you not spare a few bucks for him? I mean, he is losing more than you, and quite quickly, we may add.

The Regret Of A Lifetime

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsGoFundMe

We have all done things in life that we deeply regret. Maybe you have spent too much money on something that you never use, or maybe you regret your past relationships. But do you regret getting a tattoo on your forehead that says “420?” We didn’t think so. This lady has more to regret than most. Seriously, though, it is on display for the entire world to see. How does she cover it up?

Okay, we know that face tattoos are sort of taboo, but that doesn’t even come close to describing this one. What kind of tattoo artist would have let this woman get a tattoo right in the middle of her forehead? And it isn’t one of those cute little ones that you can’t notice. No, this one draws the eye in. Is that because it’s a beautiful tattoo? Or is it because it probably shouldn’t have been placed there? Either way, she is ready for this mistake to go away. And of course, that takes money. Lots of money. The laser treatments to remove tattoos are a long process, and they aren’t cheap.

Fortnite Cash

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsGoFundMe

Sometimes, life throws us a curveball and you have no option but to ask others for help. Especially when it comes to money. There’s only so much a person can do, right? That’s where GoFundMe comes in. When you become obsessed with doing something, it is hard to quit. Especially when you continue to get better and better at it.

So this guy set up his campaign in hopes of someone seeing it and feeling compassion towards him. I mean, the guy is crying, how could you not help him? All he wants is for someone to support him in his Fortnite journey and supply him with V-bucks, which is the currency in the video game. I’m sure you could all spare a dollar or so; that would help him immensely. Plus, it will be used to help keep him happy. Who doesn’t want that?

Let’s Buy A Band

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsGoFundMe

Have you always wanted to own your band? Well, now is your chance! You will get the opportunity to own the one and only One Direction! Well, it is not a guarantee, but shouldn’t you at least try? What could go wrong? This group of fans, who called themselves “The Sixth Alliance,” wanted to raise money to buy the band One Direction from their current management group.

On their GoFundMe campaign, they said, “We are The Sixth Alliance and we are trying to buy One Direction after Zayn Malik left the band on March 25th, 2015. We would like to buy One Direction from Modest Management so the boys Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn have the freedom to choose and have possibilities to decide on their careers.” Since we all know that the band split up anyway, we aren’t exactly sure what they did with the money that they raised.

Help His Addiction

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsGoFundMe

Living with your parents can be difficult, especially when you’re at a certain age. I mean, they are always questioning what you’re doing, who you’re with, and when you’ll be home. All you want is a little bit of privacy and freedom without any heckling. So, this guy had a plan.

Many people reach out to their friends and family for help when they’re going through addiction. They want their support to help them overcome it. But for this guy, he needs a different kind of support. His friends and family probably had tried to help him get through his gambling addiction and help him quit, but he didn’t want to quit. So, he went to GoFundMe for help. He needs money! He has to gamble and win big! Maybe he will use the money that he wins to move out? We can only hope.

Paul Flart

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsGoFundMe

Have you ever been in trouble for something that seemed kind of childish? Maybe you just did it one too many times and the other person just couldn’t handle it anymore. In the case of Paul Flart, that’s what happened to him. Tooting at work? Gross. But he is determined to make farting normal. Which is when you aren’t surrounded by all of your coworkers, boss, and potential customers. There is a time and place for that, Mr. Flart.

He does have a good explanation, though. When he set up his GoFundMe, here is what he wrote: “For far too long, farts have been something to be ashamed of and done in secrecy away from wandering ears and noses.” Mind you, he also had a $10,000 goal to meet to make it official. So, to help his argument, he also said “Those who shame others who release their flatulence, Fart Blockers, shall not get away with their behavior any longer. No matter how wet or how dry, let those farts fly.”

Kanye West In Debt

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsGoFundMe

Who says celebrities don’t have debt? I mean, they are human, after all. But how did Kanye West find himself in debt? And $53 million at that. Was he trying to purchase the Earth again? Nevertheless, one fan decided to take matters into his own hands and create a GoFundMe campaign to help the rapper.

The committed fan said, “Recently, Kanye let us in on his struggle. He is $53 million in debt and it doesn’t look like he is going to get Mark Zuckerberg’s help that he desperately needs.” As if Mark Zuckerberg didn’t have other things to worry about instead of handing over millions of dollars to Mr. West. In all honesty, who wants to help an already wealthy man get out of debt? We are sure that he could just perform a few places that would significantly help him out of the hole that he dug for himself.

Help Rescue Matt Damon

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsGoFundMe

Hollywood has gotten especially good at making its movies seem realistic. So much so that it is difficult for some viewers to believe that they are fiction. It can be fun to pretend a movie is real, but at the end of the day, it is just that—a movie. So when Matt Damon starred in the film The Martian, one fan took it a little bit too seriously. 

In the movie, Damon’s character gets stuck on the planet Mars. This fan believed that this event had occurred in real life. He started a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money to rescue him from the foreign planet. He also set the goal at 99 million dollars. We are sorry to break it to you, but Matt Damon was never actually stuck on Mars, it was just a movie. But if one person believed this movie to be true, then maybe there were others just like him. We wonder if anyone sent money because they believed it or because they felt sorry for him?

Flat Earther’s Are Wild

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsGoFundMe

Meeting someone who believes that the government is lying to us can always be interesting, but have you ever met a celebrity who believes that? Well, maybe you haven’t met them, but you have probably heard of them. It is like they have nothing better to do than to sit around all day thinking of conspiracy theories. Take the rapper B.o.B. for example.

He believes that the government is trying to hide the fact that the Earth is flat. Yes, you read that right. This rapper is a flat earther. You would think that riding private jets all the time would allow him to see the curvature of the Earth, but it does not. So, he created a GoFundMe campaign to help prove his point. He wanted to raise $1 million to once and for all end the debate. With this money, he would purchase satellites, weather balloons, blimps, and even drones to help him find the edge of the planet. Sounds crazy, right?

I Want Dave Grohl

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsGoFundMe

Have you ever heard of the Foo Fighters? Well, not only has this guy heard of them, but he had a plan to “buy” their lead singer, Dave Grohl. He wanted to be able to have him perform for him whenever he wanted, hang out together, and “high five.” On his GoFundMe campaign, he also said, “Heck, I may give him a bro-hug or two as well.” Sounds like a solid plan, dude. Too bad I don’t think that you can purchase a person.

He was not able to raise the 35,000 dollars that he so desperately needed. Instead, he raised $1,855 and used it for something even better. The funds that he raised were used to throw a concert with the band to help raise money for the nonprofit organization Autism Speaks. We think this is a much better use of money, and it is going to a good cause, instead of being used for personal gain.

Buy Her The Jeep

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsBestBestPan | Reddit

In a relationship, you might notice one person going overboard for the other. Maybe they spoil them with dinners, vacations, or even shopping sprees. Sometimes, they might even purchase a car for their significant other. But rarely do you see them asking others to help them pay for those things to surprise their partner. Well, it’s the case here. This guy wants to buy a jeep for his girlfriend, but he does not want to pay for it himself.

So, he is enlisting the help of everyone else. What if he got enough money to pay for the jeep? How would he explain that to his girlfriend? We think that discussion might be a little embarrassing, but that’s just us. It might be a better idea for him to buy her a gift that is actually in his price range. No one wants to buy someone else’s girlfriend a car for Christmas.

I’m A Good Person

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsFez-b | Reddit

Kids are clever these days and they don’t take no for an answer. For instance, this one wanted a pair of AirPods, and he wasn’t going to stop until he got what he wanted. So, he took matters into his own hands. Of course, he was probably only doing this because his parents said no and that he needed to buy them himself if he wanted them.

He created a GoFundMe saying that he “deserves” them. His reasoning behind this is that “[he] goes to a really hard school because [his] parents made [him.]” Oh, and he is a good person and he likes music. How could you not help this poor kid out? This is all he wants, to have a good time. Even if school is extremely difficult for him, these AirPods are the only thing that will be able to get him through the day.

The Trans-Financial Man

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsKickynn | Reddit

People like to identify in ways that they feel best describes them. Like this guy, who identifies as a “trans-financial man.” Here is how he described his new self-discovery: “With all this talk about transgender and transracial issues, I think it is time to come clean with my secret. I’m trans-financial, and that means I am a rich man born in a poor man’s body. Please help me.”

I think we would all like to identify this way. I mean, is it that simple? Can we just tell people that we are “trans-financial” and they will just give us money? It certainly seemed to work for this guy. For his GoFundMe campaign, he set his goal at $5 million. We aren’t sure how close he got to his end goal, but we do know that he at least raised $478,000. Who gave money to him? Can we speak to them?

Help Kylie Jenner

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsIron Willow | Reddit

We all know that it is everyone’s dream to help a millionaire get even more money. Who cares about supporting the average person when you can support someone like Kylie Jenner instead? It makes sense, doesn’t it? I mean, she’s so close to becoming a billionaire, all she needs is your help! So why not donate to the cause? It’s not like you’d want her to work for it or anything, she needs you to give it to her.

This fan wants you, and everyone else, to help her favorite celebrity. There is nothing more fulfilling than donating to a charity, but this is not one. So if you find it in your heart to donate to charity, find a good one. There are better causes to give your hard-earned money to than to give it to a celebrity who already has millions of dollars.

I Need A Tesla

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsEnmangaming | Reddit

Have you ever wanted something expensive, but did not have the budget for it? Well, that is most people. But what if you did have the budget, and you just didn’t want to use your own money to make that big-ticket purchase? Not everyone has the luxury of making expensive splurges whenever they want, we aren’t all Kardashians.

Instead of using your own money, why not enlist the help of the internet? I’m sure that everyone you know would love to hand over some money so you can purchase your dream car. It’s the only logical way to purchase for yourself. This person wanted a Tesla so badly that they set up a GoFundMe campaign to help raise the money for their new purchase. Even though we aren’t sure how much money they raised, we can assume that it wasn’t enough to buy the car.

Endangered Species Help

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsPantyfex | Reddit

If you grew up in a large family, you know how difficult things may get. There is always someone in the bathroom when you need to go, the snacks are always gone, and someone is always being too loud. So, if you also have a large family, maybe you can do what this family did, and start a GoFundMe page. Their plea for help is very heartwarming, though.

Here is what they said: “Please consider helping an endangered species, the rare and very expensive large family.” Oh, and also asked for $70,000. They think that their cause is “much more worthy” than a recent campaign helping an injured piglet. They said that they also chose $70,000 because they save taxpayers around the same amount of money by homeschooling their kids and it is “7 times more than what was raised for a single piglet in distress.”

Spiritual Healing Journey

Shameless People Who Used GoFundMe For All The Wrong ReasonsGoFundMe

If you’re trying to figure out what charity to give your next donation to, why not consider this one? Well, it is not a charity, it is just a girl who is trying to change her life. She thinks that a spiritual healing journey is exactly what she needs to be able to find herself. But not on her dime. That would just be outrageous!

In all honesty, everyone probably goes through a phase in life when they are trying to figure out their place in the world. It takes time and effort to be able to figure that out, but it can be difficult to do when you can’t pay for it. Plus, don’t you want to help? What if you wanted to go on your journey? You’d probably want someone to help you out as well. It’s just like Girl Scouts, except without the cookies.

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