Rice facial cleansers get rave reviews

Rice is one of the most widely-used ingredients in beauty products, with more than 80% of consumers now using it in their products.But its ingredients also have serious concerns.Here are five common rice-based cleansers you may have never heard of.1.Rice Facial Cleanser Rice is a rice-derived ingredient that is highly prized in Chinese medicine.Rice is […]

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Which facial cleansers will you use?

The world of facial cleansing is a bit of a gray area, but according to the FDA, there’s one product that seems to do a pretty good job of removing dirt and makeup without getting in your eyes: mild facial cleansner.The FDA says mild facial cleansing products can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, […]

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Foaming facial cleansing cream retails for $17.95 at Sephora

Retinol is the newest face cleanser to hit the market.It’s formulated with ingredients like retinoids, vitamin E, and other antioxidants that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, according to Sephor.The brand also recommends it as an anti-aging treatment for skin that has a tendency to age prematurely.Foaming Facial Cleanser retails at […]

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How to get rid of stubborn acne, get rid.

The problem with many people’s acne is that it can be persistent and not easily managed.You can see the problem in the form of red marks on the face or around the eyes, but it can also be caused by an underlying condition.If you have acne that doesn’t disappear over time, you might have it […]

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Which products can you expect to find in the 2018 Indian beauty box?

Anew facial wipes.Dermatologist face cleanser.Anew face cleansers.Enzyme facial wipes and enzymes.Anemone facial cleansers, which are used to remove dead skin cells.Organic face creams.Organic lipsticks.Organic moisturizers.Organic body moisturizers for dry skin.Organic skin-care products.Organic hair care products.Organic nail care products and scrubs.Organically-grown organic vegetables and herbs.Organic facial products.Natural products.Non-chemical products.Cosmetic-prescription cleansers and body wash.Eye care.Natural hair care.Hair […]

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