Photos That Will Annoy The Perfectionist In You

This Pie

pie slicesImgur

The lines are already there. Why wouldn’t you just use them as a guide when you cut yourself a slice? Now you have ruined it for everyone else. You have to go through three slices just for it to get back to normal again.

Did this person even have a second thought when they did this? It’s as if they thought to themselves, “I think this is the way that it needs to be cut. Those lines are wrong.” Come on, those slices of pie aren’t even now.

This Tile Design

tile designImgur

Couldn’t they have just measured out the design before they permanently put it on the ground? I mean, that clearly makes the most sense. But what do we know? All we can see is that someone didn’t take their time when laying this tile down.

On one side, there are 3 rows of maroon tiles and on the other sides, there are 4 rows. Maybe that is just how the design had to end up, but it doesn’t make us feel any better. All they had to do was finish that one row of maroon tiles and it would have been fine.

This Corner

corner of wallImgur

To the people who live in this house, we are incredibly sorry. How can anyone live in this home without completely demolishing that corner? We don’t get it. If we had to live with seeing this every day, we don’t know what we would do.

I mean, we would seriously lose our minds. There is no way that these homeowners can cover it up either. Unless they hang something over it, but then they would be creating a whole new problem that could possibly look worse than it already is.

This Wall Art

tile designImgur

Now, these tiles look intentional. There is no way that anyone could be this oblivious when they place these tiles. We just can not accept anyone doing this unintentionally. If they did do this by accident, we think they need some kind of help.

Usually, if tiles have a design on them, you make sure to line everything up so that it doesn’t end up looking like this when you are finished. But this person did not do that. Now, someone has to live with this every day. That is cruel.

This Painted Lid

asphalt paintImgur

When you placed the lid back on the ground, why couldn’t you just line it back up with the rest of the paint? Or at least twist it so it matched. Maybe they were just in a rush and didn’t notice. We like that theory better than the idea of them doing it on purpose.

But if they did do this on purpose, that is absurd. Who would do that? Don’t they know that any normal person would become severely upset over it? Well, maybe not a “normal” person, but people like us get upset by it.

This Picnic Table

picnic tableImgur

We know that people can still sit at this table, but that doesn’t change the fact that it looks uncomfortable. Not physically, but mentally. The backward bench makes us mentally uncomfortable to look at. Who could do something like this?

Just think about the kids who are going to the park and rest at this table. They’re probably sitting backward due to the way the seat was installed. Kids don’t know any different. Sure, they probably won’t notice, but we definitely do.

This Gas Price

gas priceImgur

What would you do in this situation? It is probably the worst “Would you rather” questions for anyone who is a perfectionist. But, seriously. Would you leave the gallons at a perfect number? Or would you make the price a perfect number?

Personally, we would go with the price. That way, when you look at your bank statement, it’s more satisfying. You won’t be constantly reminded that you went sightly over ten gallons, but you will always see your bank statement.

This Tile Layout

tile designImgur

What compels a person to install tile flooring in such a hostile way? There are only a few tiles that line up how they are supposed to. But the rest? The rest can only be described as a disgrace to humanity. How can they live with themselves?

It looks like they installed differently shaped tiles than they had started out with. Some of them are perfectly square, but the rest are rectangular-shaped. Who approved those shapes? Didn’t they know it wouldn’t look good when they were placed?

This Brick Layout

brick groundImgur

This photo makes us sick to look at. There is no other way to describe this photo. If they would have just moved that one black section, everything would just be peachy. With the right tools, it looks like someone can fix this eyesore themselves.

We seriously hope that someone has fixed this mistake since this photo was taken. If not, we’re sorry to whoever is walking around and notices this. It probably shocks people so much that they take a step back and gasp. We know we would.

This Blue Sprinkle

random sprinkleImgur

If this blue sprinkle was at the top of the jar, everything would be 10 times easier. But, unfortunately, it is not. It is right smack in the middle of all of the red sprinkles. Do you just have to pour them out to put the blue one back where it goes?

Or just live with the fact that this one little thing is out of place? If we had to leave it, it would haunt us. We wouldn’t be able to think about anything else except the fact that this blue sprinkle is messing up everything in our life.

These Paper Towel Dispensers

paper towel dispensersImgur

Paper towels always come in handy. You never know when you might spill something, right? And especially in the bathroom, there always seems to be a mess in there. But 5 paper towel dispensers seem to be a little bit much.

The least they could’ve done is line them up perfectly instead of just randomly throwing them on the wall. Plus, one of them is installed significantly higher than the rest of them. These people have to be really tall to be able to dry their hands.

These Cabinet Doors

cabinet doorsImgur

Alright, I know this cabinet door would drive anyone crazy. But at least it seems like an easy fix… Maybe. All you would need to do is tighten some screws, right? We don’t know exactly how to fix this, but we do know that it is possible.

You could even remove the cabinet doors completely. That way, you won’t have to fight with the doors to make sure that they are perfectly lined up. Because let’s be honest, we all know you would spend hours making sure this didn’t happen again.

This Paved Road Shovel

shovel in paved roadImgur

Who left this shovel here? Did they really think that no one would notice? And to the person who just paved right over it, we just want to have a word. Did you deliberately just ignore that it was there? Or were you just too busy to notice that something wasn’t right here?

If someone drives over this shovel and an incident occurs, is the person who did this at fault? They would have to be, right? Because if they had paved the road correctly, there wouldn’t be an incident to happen in the first place.

These Lockers


Who approved the color layout of these lockers? They couldn’t just paint one more locker green? How hard would that have been? Now, these kids have to look at these disorganized lockers every day. That’s basically abuse. Ok, it’s not, but it feels like it.

School is sometimes hard, anyway. Why would they want to look at these lockers after having a bad day? That could worsen their mood and they could escalate. Who knows what they would be capable of after that? Someone fix these lockers!

These Pizza Slices


It would be so hard to hold yourself back when you see the person who cut the pizza this way. I mean, this would be reason enough to end relationships. It is disrespectful to you and the pizza. No person in their right mind would ever do this.

Plus, there is no possible way that you could fix this. You would just have to throw the entire pizza away and start over. If you tried to fix it, you would still end up with uneven slices. Whoever did this, we hope you are satisfied with yourself.

This Insane Person


This right here is why some people have trouble sleeping at night. If you witnessed someone eating their pizza this way, you would have nightmares. There is no coming back from this. If you did this, someone would probably be trying to take you to the looney bin, if you know what we mean.

We know it’s not crazy to see someone eating pizza with a fork and knife, although we don’t exactly agree with it. But they typically take a slice and cut that. They don’t automatically go straight for the center of the pie unless they are crazy.

This Candy Bar

candy wrapperHitek

Factories have quality checks. These checks are supposed to stop items like this from making it out to the public. Apparently, the person who let this candy bar go through loves chaos. They want to see people upset and angry.

There is no other explanation for this nonsense. And you can’t even read what the label says. For someone who is used to this brand, they won’t have an issue. But for someone who has never seen this brand before, they would have no idea what it is.

This Pack Of Dice


If there is one out of place, the rest of them should be too. That way, when someone sees everything unorganized, they aren’t as upset. Just one out of place throws everything off. That blue number 5 dice is causing people to go into an outrage.

When we go to the store to purchase game pieces, we expect them to be organized. When they are not organized, it’s as if the entire world is upside down. What kind of company would allow their inventory to be sold like this?

These Pills


How does this happen? Isn’t there some kind of tedious process at the production plant that is supposed to stop this kind of thing from happening? If not, there should be. Because this kind of thing is just uncomfortable to look at.

It makes us angry, actually. We would automatically have to take one of these pills just so we wouldn’t have to look at it anymore. Even then, we would still be haunted by the idea of this happening to this again.

This Cereal Box

cereal boxHitek

This is blasphemy. Who does this? Seriously! There is a bag inside that you can roll up to keep the cereal from getting stale. But no, that’s too simple! This person decided to roll the box instead. Is this really a better solution?

Now the box is messed up and it will be even more difficult to get the cereal out. Can you imagine waking up to pour yourself a bowl of cereal and you see this? That would ruin your entire day. How is someone supposed to recover from this?

These Salt And Pepper Shakers

salt and pepperHitek

Can we talk to Morrisons, please? We just want to have a quick word about why they thought that it would be a good idea to make these labels backward. Everyone knows salt shakers are white and pepper shakers are black.

This is just an accident waiting to happen. Let’s just pretend that you go to add salt to your food, and you end up sprinkling pepper on the top of it. What if you were allergic to pepper? Now you have to go to the emergency room. Thanks a lot, Morrisons.

This Neighborhood Layout


What kind of sicko plans this layout for a neighborhood? All of the streets around this square are perfectly lined up and straight as they should be. Then, there is this messed-up square. It is not lined up, nor is it straight.

There is no way that anyone could be ok if they lived in one of these houses. You would be so confused when you tried to get to the main road. Plus, there are some pretty awkward three-way stops just sprinkled throughout the neighborhood.

This Random Brick

brick groundHitek

The effort that it took to put this brick the wrong way took more time than it would have to just put it the right way. But no, they decided to take the difficult route. When they chose to do it this way, they just made everyone else outraged.

We hope you are happy now because we aren’t. If anything, we would feel much better if we just removed this brick, and the awkwardly cut bricks all around it. It’d be better off with just a big hole than to have the bricks this way.

This Brick

brick wallHitek

There has to be a reason why these contractors left this brick out just flying in the wind. Right? If there isn’t some kind of logical reason for this, then we don’t even know what to think. Maybe it’s a hiding spot for something?

Who knows, but we do know it looks ridiculous. And what if it was a secret hiding spot? Well, it’s not really secret, but it would still make a good hiding spot. All you would have to do is remove the brick and slide it back in.

This Ground

brick groundHitek

All they had to do was turn the cover sideways a few times. It is really that simple. Now this sidewalk looks completely messed up. It is driving us completely insane. How could something so simple drive us so crazy?

What is that cover used for, anyway? Is there a sewer or something underneath it? Maybe it’s a secret cave for the Ninja Turtles. Or maybe it’s where someone hides all of their gold. Either way, if the cover was placed the correct way, it would make everything so much better.

This Building

side of buildingHitek

Don’t look up. For real, don’t do it. The way this building looks will give you a headache. You would have thought that the people who built this would have measured everything out. But, unfortunately, they did not.

Now, someone has to look at this building every day. Are the rooms inside even straight? Because if the windows aren’t, why would the rooms inside be any different? This whole building is just a huge mistake.

This Street Paint

asphalt paintHitek

This paint is absurd. What is it even there for? To show where the road is? Because I think we would be able to tell without this wacky paint job. The person who did this has to be on something. What other explanation is there?

They went over it multiple times and couldn’t get them lined up how they were supposed to. It just looks insane. After this paint job, hopefully, they were never allowed to paint a street again. That would make everyone so much happier.

This Park Bench

park benchHitek

We hereby banish the person who did this. They should no longer be allowed to install any kind of park bench anywhere. It is disgraceful to all of humanity. No one will ever be able to sit comfortably on this bench without thinking about how it is placed.

You can’t even sit on the end that is slightly on the concrete without having at least one foot in the grass. What is the point of that? Which came first, the bench or the concrete? Either way, someone did something completely wrong.

These Chaotic Bricks

brick groundHitek

This is just a disaster of epic proportions. Did they run out of bricks at the very end? It would have just looked better if they left it empty instead of doing whatever the heck this is. It’s just a mess. It is ugly. It looks like a child did it.

It makes you want to pick these bricks up and fix them yourself. It doesn’t look like they were securely placed there, anyway, so it would be fairly easy to just pick them up and move them yourself. Just don’t hurt yourself by bending over.

This Arch


How is anyone supposed to go under this arch without absolutely hating the person who built it? We will tell you, they can’t. The only emotion anyone will feel seeing this is immense hatred towards whoever did this.

It does look like it might be historical, though. But the people who laid the road could have at least put it evenly underneath the arch. With the road this way, it’s disrespectful to whatever event occurred here in history.

This Sidewalk


Imagine it is a nice sunny day and you decide to go for a walk. Now, imagine you see this sidewalk while you are on your walk. You won’t even be able to enjoy yourself after seeing this monstrosity. Anyone who sees this will immediately have their day ruined.

It does seem like there might still be a way to salvage this sidewalk. We think that if you would just pour more concrete where the sidewalk drifts off, you could make it look at least a little better. If not, it’s just sharply cut off and is basically a hazard to society.

This Bathroom


Good luck trying to get ready in the mornings with this view. All you will be able to concentrate on is how much you hate living here and how you never want to see this again. Good luck with that. You will never know what it’s like to be comfortable again.

This isn’t something that could be an easy fix, either. If you wanted to line up the light fixture and the mirror, you would have to completely remove something from the wall. And from the looks of this photo, it would have to be the light fixture. Good luck with that.

This Chandelier


All anyone wants is to be able to feel comfortable in their own home. If this is your house, you will never be comfortable again. Ever. Your entire life will be consumed with the fact that your chandelier is nowhere near where it is supposed to be.

How did this happen? Did they install the chandelier after they vaulted this area of the ceiling? If so, someone needs to get their eyes checked. Because this chandelier is not even close to the center of the design as it is meant to be.

This Window


Churches are holy places. They are a place for people to go and leave all of their worries and troubles. But if this is your church, you’ll be leaving with more worries and troubles than you came in with. The fact that they didn’t put the bottom window in line with everything else is disturbing.

Quite frankly, it doesn’t look like they tried to line anything up like they were supposed to. The stained glass does not have any kind of rhyme or reason to it. It looks like it is just thrown on there. That makes everything on the outside of this building look messy.

This Vent Hood

vent hoodHitek

Could this be a fire hazard? Isn’t the vent supposed to be directly over the stove and not slightly over it? Something bad could happen. And do you know whose fault that would be? The person who installed this vent hood. It would be their fault and theirs alone.

All we want is for contractors to be able to install things in the correct way. Is that too much to ask for? You would assume that things would be done to normal standards, but you would be wrong. Is this what inspections are for? We hope so, so that this will be fixed before something goes wrong.

This Carpet

hallway carpetHitek

This hallway would be very difficult to walk down after a wild night out. The curves in the carpet would make you feel like the floor is moving underneath you. Even if you are 100% sober, this carpet would make you feel like you weren’t.

Kudos to you if you can make it to the end without falling down. We don’t think that we would be able to make it even halfway without at least tripping once or twice. This carpet looks like it came out of an illusion museum.

These Lamps

wall lampsHitek

What is the point of all of these lights? One or two would be sufficient enough, you do not need a dozen lamps to light up the hallway. And the lamp that is hanging below the rest is just ridiculous. There is no reason for this. It’s heinous.

Where is this place located? It would be such a shame if someone were to go inside and remove that one lamp, wouldn’t it? Hopefully, someone has already done it for us. If not, we don’t know anything about how this lamp “fell” off the wall.

These Lightbulbs

light bulbsHitek

This is absolutely insane. It is crazy. What is the purpose? Does this person want to blind themself? Because that is definitely what it looks like to us. There is no other explanation. This person is insane and wants to go blind.

It would have been so much better for everyone if these light fixtures were at least installed in straight lines. Instead, they just threw lights randomly all over the top of the ceiling. Who thought that this was a good idea?

This Fortune


Well, that is blatantly obvious. No job is too simple that it can’t be done wrong. Clearly, this job was done wrong. Maybe there is a deeper meaning here. We can’t tell why someone would want to do this on purpose, though.

How would you react if you were the person to receive this inside of a fortune cookie? Would you take it as it is? Or would you try to understand why they printed it this way? We would absolutely be upset with the way this fortune was printed, no matter what it actually said.

These Stapled Papers


This photo is sure to ruffle some OCD feathers. Why would any sane person staple their papers like that? They probably did this on purpose. They want to see people like us squirm at the mere thought of it. Well, congratulations. You have succeeded.

If someone handed this to us at the office, we would simply just throw it away. We would act like we never got it. Because who would want to know what these papers said with them stapled like this? It would cause a riot in the office.

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Author: Hailey Warren