Cooking Fails That Wrecked These Kitchens

Lava Pot

Funny Cooking FailsBored Panda

Sometimes it can be hard to understand what temperature you need to be cooking your food. If the stove is too hot, you can burn the food. But if it’s not hot enough, it will take ages to cook your food entirely.

So, what are you supposed to do? It’s basically just a guessing game. Plus, if you are going to guess, you might end up with something like this. You could potentially burn everything inside of your pot. Who wants that to happen?

Blind Bread

Funny Cooking FailsMyLoveBox

Do you know how frustrating it is to be blind? Just waking up every morning to realize that you can’t see is enough to send anyone in a spiral. It feels like it should be illegal to have to pay to use your eyes since you need contacts or glasses.

This loaf of bread just needed a little bit of help. It’s not like it has any arms or legs to get glasses for itself, so it had to think differently. Plus, it is just trying to save some money. Can you blame it? We’d do the same thing.

Burner Board

Funny Cooking Failsmadcowga

Some people just don’t understand how plastic works, do they? Or, maybe they just don’t understand how heat works. Either way, they did something terribly wrong here. How do you get something like this off?

If you let it cool down, you’d take the burner off with it. If you heat it up, you would still be leaving the plastic on the burner. There is really no way for you to get the burner completely clean here. You’d have to buy a brand new one!

Melted Pizza

Funny Cooking Failsimgur

Can we all just accept the fact that we should be lazy and only order pizza to be delivered? Why would we want to ruin our night by making it ourselves? Sure, there are times when it makes sense to make it yourself.

What if you want to have a cute date night and bake pizza alongside your significant other? Then it’s acceptable to make it at home. Other than that, you should avoid the trouble and just call Pizza Hut to send the pizza to your house.

Foaming Mug

Funny Cooking Failshansworschd

Not that we are here to judge anyone, but we understand how difficult things can be when you are in a rush and nothing is going your way. Maybe you just wanted a cup of coffee, but you forgot to start it when you woke up.

So, you just warm up a cup from yesterday. What is the harm in that? Day-old coffee never hurt anyone. But it looks like it did hurt this mug and microwave. All this did was make this person’s day ten times worse than it already was.

I Like ‘Em Crispy

Funny Cooking Failsluxurs

Everyone likes their food cooked a certain way. Some people like their food to be soft, while some people prefer their food to be extra crispy. But we don’t think this is what they mean when they say they like their food “crispy.”

This is far past that, this is straight up burnt. How could someone possibly enjoy eating this? It would be like eating rocks! This is worse than failure, this is a travesty. Hopefully, these people had some takeout menus to order something else.

The Pressure Is On

Funny Cooking FailsBored Panda

The way that this stovetop looks is just devastating. We would be so upset if something like this happened to us. What are you supposed to do? It’s not like you can just clean it up, you would have to replace your entire kitchen.

Who knew a pressure cooker was capable of this much damage? This person probably just wanted to make a nice meal for their family, but instead got this. It’s okay, we understand if you have a breakdown because of this mess.

This Is How I Do It

Funny Cooking FailsMarzz

We know that most people don’t like to cook their pasta this way, but we think this just happens to be the best way to do it. Seriously, just ask any real chef and they will tell you the same thing. It gives it extra flavor.

Ok, maybe that isn’t exactly true. We are just telling ourselves that story to make this better for us. Why else would these noodles be on fire? How would someone accidentally set them on fire? Nothing makes sense!

Made That Way

Funny Cooking FailsZimmeM03

You might think that this pan was made this way, and you could be right. It would be a kind of fancy artistic pan. We really can’t be sure as to what happened here, but we can take a guess. What happens when you put this pan in the oven?

Well, you can see what would happen. This is what would happen. The pan was clearly not meant to be in such a hot environment, so it began to melt. We don’t think it would be safe to continue eating this food.

Could Be Better

Funny Cooking FailsSkiddle1138Report

What in the world were they trying to make here? It is very clear that they had no idea what they were doing. This entire thing is just a mess. Now they are going to have to clean it up. What if it cools off too quickly?

If it does, they are going to have a hard time trying to get it off. Maybe it’s some kind of caramel and it just got too hot and sticky. That would make the entire situation even worse to clean up. It will be sticky forever.

Too Hard

Funny Cooking FailsBored Panda

Anyone who has gutted their own fish knows that it isn’t always a simple task. Besides the fact that you have to cut off all the scales, you need to make sure that you get all of the insides out, including every single bone.

You might be worried that you aren’t strong enough to cut through, just like this person. They thought that they need to use so much force that they ended up cutting through the entire board. They are stronger than they thought they were.

It’s Boiling Now

Funny Cooking FailsBored Panda

Electric kettles obviously are meant to keep things easier for you. All you really need to do is plug it in or turn it on and the water heats right up. It is especially convenient for those who are constantly in a rush.

But, apparently, everyone doesn’t know that you do not need to put an electric kettle on the stove. Like this person. They obviously didn’t know. They thought that they needed to take an extra step to make sure their water was boiling.

Don’t Worry

Funny Cooking FailsBored Panda

It can be hard to determine how sturdy something is if you haven’t used it in a while. Will it still do the job? Or maybe you have used it recently, but you aren’t quite sure how old it is. That is when accidents like this will happen.

Not only do you have to start over and cook an entirely new meal, but you also have to clean burnt pieces of food out of the burner. And eventually, you will also have to buy a new bowl. But right now, you have to be careful not to burn yourself or cut yourself on this broken bowl.

A Quick Snack

Funny Cooking FailsBored Panda

Sometimes it can be easier to make yourself a quick snack instead of driving all the way to the store and all the way back home. Maybe you want mac and cheese or ramen; those are fairly easy to make and don’t take a lot of time.

But instead, the universe has something different planned for you. How dare you think that you are in control? Now you have something else to clean up. Well, more like get rid of. We don’t think much of this is salvageable.

Too Hot

Funny Cooking Failspandarmour

It can be hard to figure out the exact temperature at which you should cook your food. Unless the recipe specifically tells you, there is really no way to know. You might know what temperature is too hot or too warm, but that’s it.

So, how are you supposed to figure it out? Trial and error. You cook something once and you will know the next time what temperature to set your stove. This person will know exactly what went wrong for the next time.

Wine Explosion

Funny Cooking FailsBored Panda

Have you ever tried to make your own wine? We can’t imagine that it would be an easy process. Would store-bought grapes work? Would they be able to give the wine the same taste as vineyard grapes do?

Well, all we know is that this person didn’t exactly have a smooth go at making their own wine. It’s like the wine had a mind of its own. What step of the process were they in here? Will they be able to salvage any of this mess?

New Pet Rock

Funny Cooking FailsBored Panda

Sometimes it’s hard to see what all is hiding at the back of your oven. I mean, you think you’ve cleaned it well enough, only to find something else back there the next time you’re cleaning it out. There is always something new waiting for you!

But this? How could anyone possibly miss this? Maybe they just don’t have enough lighting to see in the very back of their oven, but don’t you think they would be able to feel it? Anyway, now they’ve got a new little friend.

Ninja Star

Funny Cooking Failsrmbrmeforcenturies

All this person was trying to do was to be a little bit healthier than they used to be. They were just trying to enjoy a crisp apple when their utensil had to go and do this to them. What are they supposed to do now?

They would need to get a knife just to get the broken one out of the apple. They should be careful, though. This looks like a pretty dangerous weapon if it was in the wrong hands. Maybe they should just throw it away and start over.

Missing Spoon

Funny Cooking Failsdemilked

Utensils always seem to go missing. No matter how careful you are, you will always end up losing some of them. Either someone accidentally throws them in the garbage, or they just get placed somewhere they don’t go.

It’s not often that you will end up finding one of those misplaced items. This person definitely got lucky when they came across this one. It’s a good thing they didn’t microwave this loaf, though, or something could’ve gone terribly wrong.

What Seasoning Is That?

Funny Cooking FailsLovethe3beatles

If you don’t use seasonings on everything that you cook, then something is wrong with you. How could you possibly enjoy a meal without adding flavor to it? That would be a horribly bland meal, and no one would enjoy that.

Well, ok. Someone wouldn’t really be able to enjoy this either, even if there are seasonings on it. It’s burned to a crisp! Is there any way that someone would be able to bite through this without cracking some of their teeth?

Escaping Yeast

Funny Cooking Failsthefirstdetective

We all know that yeast expands. That’s the whole point, right? You want your bread to be nice and fluffy when it comes time to consume it. There is nothing better than a nice fluffy piece of bread to enjoy with your meal.

This one might be a tad bit contaminated, though. It has been touching everything around it while sitting in the refrigerator. Would you want to eat bread that possibly has something random mixed into it?

Don’t Eat That

Funny Cooking FailsBored Panda

Please pay careful attention to this one. What looks like it could be an innocent pot of sauce is quite literally the opposite. This sauce will not go down well, nor will it come out well. If the lid was removed, you’d have no idea.

Good thing it’s still there, so you can see that it’s dangerous. How did the lid shatter? Did they slam it down on top of the pot and make it break? This person might have some anger issues that they need to work through.

Broken Heart

Funny Cooking FailsSuitsAndStripes

After a night out, the best thing to do is make yourself a good bowl of mac and cheese. Seriously, what is better than that cheesy goodness after having a bit too much to drink? We will tell you, there is nothing better.

After drinking, you might find yourself to be a bit more clumsy than usual. So, you might end up dropping your late-night snack. Or maybe you used the pot that was broken and you didn’t remember since your thoughts were elsewhere.

Let It Simmer

Funny Cooking Failsrmbrmeforcenturies

How difficult is it to make sure that your pots will not melt while on the stove? We feel like it would be pretty easy to tell, don’t you think? Does it feel like plastic or metal? Come on, it’s not like it’s rocket science or something.

But common sense was clearly not a factor in any decision that was made here. They could have just been in a hurry and not realized which pot they picked up, which would make sense. Always double-check everything!

Not A Pan

Funny Cooking Failsbveltzeeland / Reddit

We really do not understand this one. We can’t figure out why someone would think that it is ok to put plastic in the oven. How did they think this would work and allow their pizza to cook thoroughly without the plastic board melting?

This just looks like a big sticky mess that is going to take hours to clean up. You would have to literally scrape off the melted plastic from the oven. And what are you supposed to do with the pizza? You can’t eat that now.

Nuclear Explosion

Funny Cooking FailsAlyoshaV

Baking pizza by yourself never seems to go according to plan. It always does what it wants to, no matter how many precautions you take beforehand. We all know it’s much easier to have pizza delivered, too. That’s just a fact.

But sometimes you want to save a little money and use what you already have. Once you do that, though, it’s on you when it turns out looking like this. Now, you’ve wasted your time, and will waste even more by cleaning your oven, and you still have to order dinner.

Burning DUMPlings

Funny Cooking Failsdemilked

Okay, we know what this looks like. It doesn’t exactly look appealing, does it? It’s not something that you would be thrilled to consume. Not only is it extremely burnt, but it looks a little too familiar… If you know what we mean.

How could this person let this happen? I mean, we know accidents happen, but this one just hurts us. This is a disgrace to dumplings everywhere. We don’t know any other way to explain this entire situation.

Leave It For Morning Shift

Funny Cooking Failsaceee13

Possibly one of the worst things to happen at restaurants is whenever the night shift doesn’t do what they are supposed to. Sure, there are more people who come at night, but still. Why can’t they do what they’re supposed to?

If this happened to you, you would probably want to do the same thing. If you can make someone else clean this mess up, wouldn’t you want to? It’s not exactly the best thing to do, but still. We won’t judge you if you do.

A Little Mix-Up

Funny Cooking Fails55555

How is this possible? Did they use bricks as an ingredient? Who does that? It’s like they decided that they wanted brownies as a dessert and ended up ruining them, or the hand mixer instead. What could be worse?

There is no way that you could fix this either. You would have to get yourself pliers to get them apart from each other and straighten them back out. Maybe this person should use a spoon next time so this doesn’t happen.

Surprised To See You

Funny Cooking FailsBloodycrabs

Have you ever seen an appliance this surprised that it was being used? As if it was THE night of the year? Now, we know that grills aren’t actually living things, but let’s just use our imagination here, ok? It’s ok to be unrealistic sometimes.

Anyway, you would have the same reaction as this grill if you were being lit on fire, wouldn’t you? It doesn’t sound like a good time, but this grill is doing it for the greater good. No one should have to go hungry, so cut it a little slack.


Funny Cooking FailsNvr2Much

We aren’t sure how something like this can happen. Did the spaghetti noodles fall out of the overhead cabinet and land like this? How are they not falling off of the counter? What about the pieces on the drying rack?

Seriously, we need some answers here! Forget science, this is pure magic. We would assume that a few would stick in there somewhere, of course, but definitely not like this. This is just crazy. Reveal your secrets to us!

Not A Problem

Funny Cooking FailsBored Panda

You really never know what someone will be able to come up with when they have nothing else. Would you be able to be this creative while cooking? I don’t think we would be able to, but we’ve also never been in this situation either.

At least they found a way to cook their food! It may not be the most conventional or clean way to do it, but that doesn’t matter. Does this really count as a fail? We think it is kind of genius! But it still isn’t the best way to do things.

What Mess?

Funny Cooking Failsimgur

Okay, there is no explanation that we can think of for this happening. Seriously, someone please explain this to us. Was there some kind of chemicals in the pot that made it explode? Is that why there is sauce all over the wall and ceiling?

Never mind the sauce, what about the lid that somehow got stuck in the ceiling? That must have been some explosion for this to happen. These people are going to be cleaning their walls for weeks trying to get this mess off.

Spilled The Beans

Funny Cooking FailsCrystalProtocol

This isn’t something that you would be too excited about if it happened to you. And it’s nowhere near just a small problem, either. There are chunks spread over the entire floor, probably even under the appliances, too.

How would you clean that? It’s not like industrial appliances are lightweight and easy to move. You would have to bring in two or three other people just to move them out of the way. Plus, they’d have to avoid making the mess even worse.

Cactus Pie

Funny Cooking Failsfabuji

Baking is never as easy as it looks. Sure, you can follow the instructions that are given, but you will never quite be able to make it look perfect. Just look at this crust! You can tell that this took someone hours to make.

Instead, they have to live with this new version of their pie. The universe just decided that they needed one extra ingredient… Dirt. It’s not like they can fix this now. They will have to completely start over and bake a brand new pie.

Morning Blues

Funny Cooking FailsShaneblaster

Most people can’t function without their morning coffee. Can you blame them? Whether you like black coffee or Starbucks frappuccinos, you probably wouldn’t be able to survive without it. Everyone needs their morning caffeine.

But before you get that morning cup of joe, you might not be your most coherent self. Sometimes it is difficult doing simple tasks when you have to wake up early in the morning. So here you are, pouring your counter a cup of coffee instead of yourself.

Spaghetti Shoes

Funny Cooking FailsSymmetry888

Have you ever wanted to try to change your style? Maybe you are sick of wearing the same outfits all the time. We understand it can be hard to try something new! But it could also be good for you to get out of your comfort zone.

Why not try spaghetti shoes? It will definitely turn heads while you are walking down the sidewalk. You might even find yourself surrounded by new friends! Those friends might be bugs and wild animals, but new friends nonetheless.

It’s Done

Funny Cooking FailsMJ23157

How would you like your kitchen? Rare, medium, or well done? In this case, their kitchen is extremely well done. This person is probably devastated right now. Not only do they have to replace almost everything, but they have no food either.

What do you think would be worse? You would need to fuel your body before you tried to handle this mess, but they ruined that choice when they let this happen to their kitchen. What were they trying to make? In any case, it is a resounding failure.


Funny Cooking Failsbunnyfood

If you have a pet, you know how annoying they are when you are trying to cook. They are always right there under your feet, waiting for you to drop something. They can even trip you up while you go to grab something else.

Maybe that is what happened here, who knows? All we can tell is that this little guy is in heaven right now. He can lick up all the sauce that he wants before he gets in trouble. Isn’t that what every pet wants? The woman, however, does not seem thrilled.

Not What It Looks Like

Funny Cooking Failsdemilked

Your grandmother will never tell you everything that she did before she became a mother. Of course, you might have heard some stories about her, but you will never fully know. Just like she will never know everything you do.

But every once in a while, you will catch someone reminiscing about their past. Just like this person! I mean, it is just flour, but it reminds her of a time when she was young and free, and she had no cares in the world. What a great time it was!

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