Car Repairs That Failed Miserably

Faucet Knob


There is no possible way that you can make it through any season without being able to control your air conditioner or heater. For example, what if your windshield is frozen over? You’d need the knob to turn the defrost on.

This knob looks like it came from an outdoor water spigot, which clearly wasn’t important to them. This person does not care about using that spigot to water their lawn or anything else, for that matter. It has a new life now.

CD Holder

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You can’t have a car without a gas cap, right? How else are you supposed to protect your gas from getting siphoned? Seriously, the gas caps are the only thing protecting thieves from stealing your gas right out of your car.

Plus, gas is expensive. So, you need to do whatever you can to stop someone from stealing it from you. Your only option is to tape an old CD right on top of it. This way, no one is able to get it off. Well, they can, but still.

Pringle Pipe

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Now, we aren’t exactly sure what part of a car this is, but we can tell that it is under the hood. We can also tell that these Pringles cans probably should not be there. At least we know that much, and we don’t know much about cars.

We still can’t tell what these cans are trying to fix, but hopefully, it is working for them. Because if they aren’t working, something could probably go seriously wrong here. So, we will just sit here hoping for the best outcome.


funny car repairs Mechanic Advisor

Seriously? This person is clearly all about the show. You can’t own a Mercedes without the Mercedes logo! That is just preposterous. How did this happen? Did someone break it off? Or did they get into an accident and lose it?

Either way, all this person knows is that he needs to have the logo on the car, and they will do whatever they can to make sure that people know they drive a luxury vehicle. You can’t have the luxury if people don’t know that it’s luxury.

Dolly Wheel

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It looks like this person was trying to create a quick fix just to make it to the tire shop. I mean, why else would they use a dolly as a truck wheel? That’s the only reasonable explanation as to why this is happening.

Could you imagine trying to connect this thing to the car? It seems like it would take more effort than just replacing the tire. Most people would call a towing service, but this person thought it would be easier to fix it themselves.

Junk Yard Hood

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When you are in a pinch, you have to work with what you can. Or, in this case, you work with what the junkyard has. In this situation, the junkyard didn’t quite have a matching hood for this person’s car.

Instead, they had something much better. Although, this option doesn’t look very safe, or does it? How would this hold up in an accident? They probably aren’t a very safe driver, or they wouldn’t be in this situation.

Metal Flares

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Have you ever tried to shove your socks into a drawer that was already overfilled? You try so hard to put those socks in the drawer, but they just won’t fit. So, what do you do? Do you break your drawer so the rest of the pairs will fit?

That’s basically what this person did, just without socks. They were going to make sure that this tire fit well in the wheel, no matter what. So, all they had to do was cut the metal around the tire so it was able to fit there perfectly.

Coca Cola Pipe

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Who said soda cans couldn’t be repurposed as pipes? This person definitely knew that they needed something to fix their car, and fast. They didn’t have any tools on hand, but they did have an empty soda can that they had just finished.

What could be more perfect than that? The empty can is basically already meant to be used as a pipe, so what else would someone use an empty can for? Sure, most people recycle them, but this is still recycling, right?

Water Hose Tire

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At least it’s still around! Although, it probably won’t be rolling very smoothly. Also, the hose will probably move around, making it difficult to stay wrapped around the rim of the tire. You’ll end up having to get a new one either way.

Maybe this just works for now. Maybe they are on their way to fixing it. Or maybe they aren’t using it for a vehicle at all. But it still doesn’t change the fact that this tire will not function the way that a tire should.


funny car repairs

Lawn chairs aren’t just for baseball games or the lake anymore. Now you can use them as a driver’s seat in your vehicle! Haven’t you always wanted a comfy chair that is unique to your car? No? Well, we understand.

This chair doesn’t exactly look comfortable, but it is the most unique seat that we have seen in a car. Plus, you can move it as close or as far away from the steering wheel as you need to! It doesn’t recline any further, though.

Frankenstein Car

funny car repairs Motor Junkie

Have you always wanted to own your own limousine? You could have a family member drive you around and you get the opportunity to act like someone important. But limos can be expensive. Especially if you don’t have “important” people’s money.

Instead of buying one, you can just make your own. Even though it doesn’t look as sleek as a typical limousine, it still functions the same way. You can still make someone drive you around while you sit in the back seat.

Lighting The Way

Motor Junkie

This may not look like your typical headlight, but hey, at least it works! Sure, you will have to manually switch each light on individually, but who cares? At least these will give you enough light to see where you are driving.

This person is just trying to stay safe on the road. The least we can do is just accept it for what it is. If you can’t accept it, it still doesn’t matter. This isn’t your car! No matter how horrible this looks, it works.

Picture This

funny car repairs reddit

Ah, the good old picture as the headlight trick. I mean, if you just happened to pass by this car while driving, you probably wouldn’t even notice it. You’d really have to look at this car to even tell that something was going on here.

Honestly, they’re probably just using this until they get the chance to have it fixed professionally. Plus, they probably used this photo as a placeholder so they don’t get a ticket for a missing headlight. Even though it doesn’t light up.

Keeping Cool

funny car repairs Motor Junkie

Sometimes one air conditioner just simply isn’t enough. The summer heat can really take a toll on someone, especially when they have to spend so much time in their car. To keep the A/C running, they obviously had to install a generator on the back of their car.

This is just the only option that was left for them. They were not about to suffer through the heat without any kind of cold air, and who would want to do that? Sometimes you have to do something for yourself, even if everyone else hates it.

The Band-Aid

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When your car is on its last leg, it just isn’t worth it to take it to the body shop. Seriously, why would you spend money to fix something when something else can go wrong immediately after? It’s a complete waste of money!

For the time being, this person just decided to slap a bandaid on it. No one has to see what is underneath that. Even though we all know that the car has been hit, or has hit something else. All anyone needs to know is that this car has a boo-boo.

Totally Secure

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You never know when someone will break into your vehicle, so you try to prevent that from happening. To do that, you need to install a brand new, state-of-the-art security system. Sure, someone might still be able to get in, though.

Or maybe this is to keep the door secure while the vehicle is in motion. It is an older model car, after all. The lock on the outside of the door would be able to keep the door from flying open while someone is driving.

The Plastic Trunk

funny car repairs Motor Junkie

You obviously can’t go without a trunk on your vehicle, so you decide to create your own trunk. Maybe this person got into an accident and couldn’t afford to take their car to the body shop. So, they used what they had on hand.

They had this plastic concoction sitting in their backyard, and they knew it would be the perfect option. Sure, it may not have a cover, but at least it can still hold items inside, right? That’s really all that matters here.

Wooden Window

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What is better than this? These wooden panels fit perfectly in this space where a glass window once was. Don’t you think it adds just a little bit of character to this vehicle? Obviously, this car has already seen some rough things.

That’s probably why they needed to replace the window in the first place. Or maybe this person just wanted a wooden paneled window instead of a glass one. Everyone has their own personal taste, even if it is hideous.

Cup Holder

What’s a car without a cup holder? Just think, when you are going to run errands Saturday morning and you stop to get yourself a cup of coffee, where are you going to put it? Clearly, you can’t just hold on to it the entire drive, you need to put it in the cup holder.

This person decided to get a little bit crafty with something they found in their car. Parcel tape is strong enough, so that seemed like the best idea. All they had to do was unroll a little bit and tape it to the dash to create their own cupholder. Perfect!

Window Seal

funny car repairs

Even if you can’t roll this window up and down, at least you can still have a window. Well, kind of. There are still gaps around the seal, but it is mostly covered, and that is all that matters. Again, kind of.

If it rains or snows, you will still end up getting wet. Is that something that you really want? We don’t. Plus, you don’t exactly have a barrier from the outside temperature. So, whether it’s scorching hot or freezing cold, you are definitely going to feel it.

Horn Repair

funny car repairs Mechanic Advisor

Have you ever used your car horn? Of course, you have! We have all used it at one point in time, some more than others. There are some insane drivers out there that don’t care how reckless they drive, so they deserve to be honked at.

That means that if yours breaks, you will do what you can to fix it. Other than it just being a safety measure, it’s just so fun to use. Maybe super glue just wasn’t strong enough to hold it together, so this person brought out their staple gun.

The Arm Rest

funny car repairs reddit

There is no way that someone could sit in the passenger seat of this car if they didn’t have an armrest. Seriously, you need an armrest in the car. So, the owner of this car wasn’t going to let their passenger sit there without the armrest.

They “fixed” the problem! All they had to do was figure out how to get the zip ties around it. And how did they do that? Did they use a hole punch of some kind? Anyway, it doesn’t matter as long as the armrest is back where it is supposed to go.

Screwdriver Fix

funny car repairs Mechanic Advisor

So, these lights will typically rise on their own. They rise either automatically or manually, depending on the settings of the car. But this time, they would not function correctly. They couldn’t possibly drive safely in the dark without their headlights, so they came up with a solution.

They used a screwdriver! Maybe it was the only thing strong enough, or maybe it is all that they had on hand. It is working, though. Now, they will be able to see where they are driving when it is dark outside.

The Paint Job

funny car repairs Motor Junkie

You can’t say this doesn’t look good. Well, you can, because it is hideous. But who cares? What does it matter? Maybe they never have anyone else in their car, so it doesn’t matter if someone can get in on this side.

They might also be trying to save money to take it to the body shop, so this is just a temporary fix. That is what we are going to hope for, at least. It’s still not our place to judge… Maybe they like this look, after all!

The Bus

funny car repairs Mechanic Advisor

Can you imagine opening these doors to this bus? They look extremely heavy, and probably way too heavy to be used as bus doors. What if there are children who have to get on this bus? They definitely won’t be able to open them alone.

At the end of the day, at least the bus has doors and is able to keep the passengers inside safe. Even so, it is still very weird to see this. People are probably stopping to stare at it while they are driving down the road.

Belt Repair

funny car repairs reddit

Whoever owns this car knew that it wasn’t safe to be on the road having their exhaust pipe dragging below them. Even if it was slightly grazing the pavement, it could still create sparks and cause some serious damage.

This vehicle owner knew exactly how to fix it! All they had to do was drop their pants. Well, their pants probably fell as a result of trying to fix this problem. They needed something to keep the pipe off the ground, and what better to use than their belt?

Zip Tie Pipe

funny car repairs Mechanic Advisor

Zip ties can basically fix any problem that you have. They’re like the industrial version of superglue! Just tie a few of them around whatever is broken, and they’ll stay for eternity, seriously. What can’t you fix with them?

In any case, we know you can repair your car with them! Do you have a loose pipe beneath your vehicle? Don’t worry! Most people have zip ties stashed somewhere in their house, so they’re a very inexpensive way to repair what’s broken.

Manual Windshield Wipers

funny car repairs Mechanic Advisor

What’s worse than driving in the rain? Not only is it dangerous to drive while it’s raining, but it can also be even worse when your windshield wipers aren’t living up to their full potential. What are you supposed to do then?

We’ll tell you, just do what this person did! We’re not going to lie, this is still pretty dangerous. But at least you’ll be able to clear your windshield whenever it is raining outside! You might need someone to help you, though.

Tree “Trunk”

funny car repairs Motor Junkie

Imagine rear-ending this person. The front end of your car would literally be totaled. Your car would not survive getting into an accident with this trunk of a car. Who thought this tree trunk was a good idea?

This doesn’t really fix anything. Seriously, they’d be better off with nothing there. Clearly, they aren’t that good of a driver or they wouldn’t need to fix their bumper in the first place. Good luck to you if you hit this car.

Red Tail Lights

Motor Junkie

You never know what kind of items could possibly come in handy later in life. So, you are better off just not getting rid of anything. Some people may call that hoarding, but we like to think of it as being resourceful.

This person is resourceful. They are missing their tail light but they came up with the perfect solution to replace it. What would they have done if they threw that jug away? Paid money to fix the light? That’s insane.

Extra Help

funny car repairs Motor Junkie

People who live in colder areas know the struggle when it comes to winter. Is it going to be a light flurry or is it going to be a blizzard? You can never really be prepared, since the weather is always unpredictable.

Instead, you decide to prevent any issues from occurring. You can’t make it to work every day with your windshield frozen over, so you need to make sure that doesn’t happen. Your flimsy windshield wipers just don’t work how they used to anymore.

Hang On

funny car repairs Motor Junkie

In case you didn’t know, miniature things are all the rave now. Everyone loves a mini version of a normal item, even if it isn’t practical. Just take this person, for example! They love miniature things so much that they decided to use them for their car.

Plus, this tire looks just fine. It is able to stay up underneath this car, which clearly weighs a lot more than the tire. The fact that it hasn’t crumbled underneath it is just astounding. I mean, there could be worse things to happen.

Bungee Cords

funny car repairs Motor Junkie

We have all heard the phrase “Click it or ticket.” And, well, this person definitely does not want to get a ticket because their seat belt is broken. Police officers have an eye for noticing whether or not someone has their seat belt on.

Besides the fact that this person doesn’t want a ticket, they probably want to stay safe as well. So, they needed to find a way to fix it. A bungee cord was a perfect choice. You can hook it onto wherever it needs to go!

Sheet Metal

funny car repairs Motor Junkie

Sure, a metal door makes sense to replace your damaged one. But wouldn’t someone want to use the same kind of metal for the door? If they took this to a body shop to fix it and they left with this, they should be furious.

Chances are that a professional probably did not do this. This person probably decided to do it themselves and ended up with this result. Even though there is no handle, it still gets the job done. Who cares what it looks like?

New Paint Job

funny car repairs Motor Junkie

We all know how frustrating it can be when the paint on your car is scratched. Maybe someone at the supermarket parked a little too close to you and dinged your car with their door. Hopefully, they left a note, but they don’t always do that.

You still need to cover up the scratch, but you might not have the correct paint on hand. So, why not use matching duct tape? That is basically the same thing! No one will even be able to notice it unless they look really close.

Smooth Riding

funny car repairs Motor Junkie

This one is just bizarre. Who thought this would be a good idea? How could they possibly think that a tree trunk would function the same way that a wheel would? Yeah, it’s round, but it’s not even being used on the round side.

Not that it would really help, but it would make more sense than using it this way. How is this working out for them? Is it working out for them? It doesn’t look like it is to us, but we aren’t the ones driving here.

Crack A Cold One

funny car repairs Motor Junkie

We all know how important door handles are. Without them, you literally wouldn’t be able to get in or get out. How would you be able to open any doors? We will tell you, you couldn’t. You would either be stuck inside or stuck outside.

This person decided they would not stand for a handle-less car door. So, they made their own. Not only does it allow them to open the door, but it also serves as a bottle opener at the same time. Well, that was its original purpose, but that’s beside the point.

New Windows

funny car repairs Mechanic Advisor

Sometimes people think that they are qualified enough to fix things on their own. They probably will watch a few YouTube videos just to make sure that they have an idea as to what they are about to tackle.

We don’t think this person watched any videos on how to fix their car window. Instead, they decided to take whatever was lying around the house to replace the window. At least it’s still glass, right? Even if it’s not the right kind.

Lend A Hand


As you can tell, this puny little windshield wiper does not have the power to properly clean the entirety of this back window. So, to fix it, this person decided to make it just a little bit better. It looks like this glove is working enough.

What happens if it gets wet? Will this soggy glove be enough to keep the window cleaned off? It looks like the glove will just smear everything around. Who actually wants that? At least this person is trying their best.

Doritos Tail Light


Hungry? This person is storing some snacks right in their tail light! They never know when they might need an emergency snack, so they make sure to keep something taped to their car at all times. It’s perfect!

They couldn’t be using this Doritos bag for any other reason. There is no way that anyone would believe this is a functioning tail light, it just isn’t possible. The only logical reason would be for them to have something to eat close by. But even that isn’t a good reason.

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