Tokyo – Japan’s biggest cosmetics brand SulfurFace has started to make its mark in the cosmetics industry, with the launch of its first-ever fragrance and skincare line in the country.

Sulfurface is also planning to expand into cosmetics manufacturing, with a factory in Tokyo slated to open next year, and the company is working to expand its business to other countries.

The new Sulfura line will be available in 10-pack bottles and 50-packs, and comes in a range of colors and textures.

Sulfuronemascene will be the brand’s first fragrance and an anti-aging cream, while its first skin care line will come in the form of a mask.

SulphurFace will launch a new fragrance and a skin care brand in Japan.

Photo: SulphurfaceSource: Financial PostThe new company, which is based in Tokyo and launched in 2015, is hoping to expand to other Asian markets.

Sustainability and sustainability will be a key focus, according to Sulfuryface CEO Yasuo Kobayashi, who spoke to The Straits Times at the launch in Tokyo.

He said that the company’s goal is to make Sulfureface an iconic brand, which will continue to be one of the brands in the global cosmetics market, despite the economic downturn in the region.

He also hopes to expand beyond Asia to expand product offerings into Europe and North America.

Sustaining the growth of Sulfurus products is important for the company, as it has grown from just a few dozen employees to over a hundred in the last five years.

 “We have achieved success with a lot of different brands and we are really proud of our products,” Kobayash said.

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