In a recent blog post, Oribe Beauty CEO Emily Zane warned that many beauty brands are using products to remove facial hair that is “too heavy, too dark, too blonde, too pink, too tan.”

The facial cleansing machine, which is advertised as a “cleanse and nourish skin” and “a great way to remove unwanted makeup,” is also advertised as an “over-the-counter” product that can be purchased at the Drugstore or online for about $10.

According to the company, Oribes facial cleansing products can be applied using a facial brush, or a facial sponge, or you can mix the product with your favorite facial cleansers.

The Face Cleaner, which the company says “can be used for up to 8 hours,” is designed to help remove the makeup that is left on the face, and the Face Cream, which has a more traditional “soft scrubbing” effect, can be used up to 24 hours.

While the product descriptions for the facial cleansing machines make it sound like they will be used to remove makeup, the facial scrub is advertised to remove “the dead skin cells and dirt” that is in the face and the facial cleansing is designed for “cleaning the face in just 15 minutes.”

However, the Face Cleansing Machine is also labeled as a facial scrub and contains ingredients that are “safe for use with your face.”

In a blog post on Oribe’s website, Zane said that while Oribe is not trying to mislead consumers, the company has been working to educate consumers about the face cleaning products and that the facial cleaners are intended for “personal cleansing and toning.”

“If you want to see the face cleanser advertised as being ‘for facial cleansing and tanning’ but aren’t sure, you can use the product as an alternative,” Zane wrote.

The Oribe Face Cleaners are not just for facial cleaning; they are also advertised on Oireachtas websites as being for “the entire body.”

The Oireattes website is also selling a $100 “clean the face” brush that “cleans and tonifies your entire body in 15 minutes,” which costs $10 a pop. 

Oribe also claims that the products are for “pore treatment and hair removal,” but these claims have not been independently verified. 

The Face Clean, Face Cream and Face Whitening Machine are advertised on the Oireatastes website as “100% natural, 100% natural” products that are supposed to “work for everyone.”

According to Oribe, the products contain ingredients that “have been scientifically proven to be safe for use in the USA.”

The Face Whitener is advertised on a separate page as containing ingredients that include “an ingredient that helps with your skin’s natural hair growth.”

Oribe did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.