A few months ago, I bought an Aventura-made sonic facial cleansing gel for $20.

I had never tried one before and I was eager to try it out.

I decided to try one out to see how it did.

Aventuras sonic facial cleaner and acct facial cleansing gel is available in a range of fragrances, but it’s best suited for people who want a good cleansing product without being over-sensitive to the scent.

The sonic facial scrub is a little bigger than most sonic cleansers, but its cleansing powers are far greater.

The cleanser uses a specially formulated foam that smells like a very soft, floral and spicy-sweet floral fragrance.

The gel itself is soft and foamy, but the foam makes it feel like you are being pressed against it rather than washing it off with water. 

I had already used a sonic facial soap, but I wasn’t really feeling much of a difference from using this one.

I have acne, but my skin is more sensitive than many others so I didn’t feel the cleanser made a big difference. 

When I opened the package and swiped the foam on my face, I was greeted with a pleasantly fragrant scent.

This scent was more on the floral side of the spectrum and it didn’t overpower the cleansers aroma. 

The foam is also slightly sticky and does feel very sticky when you rub it on your skin. 

My skin didn’t need any extra cleanser for me.

I washed my face and then went to work.

The sonic facial foam was slightly greasy when I rubbed it on my skin, but once I applied the cleansing foam, it dried down.

The foam absorbs more water than a regular cleanser and that’s why it’s better suited for those with sensitive skin.

The acct cleanser is a more water-resistant foam that absorbs much more than the sonic foam, but still feels slightly tacky.

It’s a very good cleanser.

The cotton-like foam has a nice smell and feels like a soft sponge.

I found the acct foam was a little bit thicker than the foam I used to wash my face in the morning.

I could easily remove the cotton foam and still have plenty of product left.

If you’re looking for a good facial cleansering product without using any cleansers or having to use lotions, I would recommend this one over the others.

It is a good product for those who are looking for something that doesn’t irritate their skin, who can tolerate the extra work and who don’t want to spend more than $20 on a single cleanser or lotion.