A face cleanser made from whale milk and whale teeth.

Foxbrim, which is made with whale milk, is made by a company called Foxbrin, which was founded in the US in 2013 and has now expanded to Australia.

They claim to have the highest quality ingredients and are 100 per cent vegan, meaning they are cruelty-free.

It contains whale oil, a type of fat, as well as whale teeth, and the whale meat.

The company’s website says that the teeth are extracted from whale, so there is a high level of calcium in them.

“This creates a creamy texture that is rich and smooth,” the company says.

But there is one ingredient that is not whale oil: whale meat, which has been used for centuries for its health benefits, including bone-strengthening and for the treatment of cancer.

According to Foxbras website, the product was created to “create a gentle, yet effective facial scrub”.

Fox brims contain 10 grams of whale meat per 100ml, according to Fox brims website.

One of the company’s ingredients is coconut oil, which the company claims has been “proven to be the most effective natural ingredient for treating eczema, eczemas rashes and dry skin”.

“There is no other natural ingredient that has such powerful healing properties for eczemic and eczemeras rash and dry face.”

Fox Brims website says the company is currently “testing” new ingredients and hopes to have a full-sized, vegan version of the product ready for launch in 2017.

Its main selling point is that it is cruelty-Free and vegan, and it does not contain any animal products, but it does have a disclaimer on the ingredients list.

While you can purchase Fox Brims at some online stores, you will need to make your own.

In Australia, you can find the product at some supermarket outlets, but not many.

A lot of people will probably be able to buy it at a local pharmacy if they are in a rush.

If you are in Sydney or Brisbane, you may be able access the product online, but that’s not guaranteed.

However, if you live in Melbourne or Sydney, you should be able buy it on your own from a local retailer.