You may have noticed that my facial oil has been a bit cloudy lately.

This is because my skin was actually starting to get tired of trying to remove my oil, which is what I was trying to do when I started using the facial cleansers.

I used to just use my face powder or a gel cleanser for every oil removal step.

After using a few different facial oils, I figured I needed to try something new and tried using facial silicone.

I thought that was great because it gave me some extra protection, but I found out that it actually gave me more oil.

While the facial oils worked well, they weren’t as effective at removing oil as the facial silicone did.

I noticed that after a few days, the facial oil seemed to start getting oily again.

I’m glad I didn’t go with that facial oil as I thought I would be more oily.

But I decided to give the facial mask a try anyway, because I thought it was a great way to remove excess oil from my face.