You can make facial cleanses at home using natural ingredients, which is why we love these cute DIY makeup kits. 

They’re not as expensive as they look.

They’re made from organic ingredients like ginger, honey, tea tree, and lavender and include a lot of extra-creamy makeup brushes and facial brushes. 

The kit you buy in this article is $15 at Amazon, and it includes five full-size brushes and two small ones, so you can have a lot going on at once. 

Here’s how to make the most of it.

The facial brushes have a very smooth, gel-like texture that feels luxurious. 

I usually use a silicone-based, oil-free face brush, but this kit includes a silicone brush.

I’m going to use this one for facial cleansings, and the silicone brush is also going to be my foundation.

The bristles are long, and they’re easy to clean.

I usually brush my face with a gel or liquid eye brush, because it’s easier to keep clean and it leaves a nice matte finish.

I use a lot in my daily makeup routine, but the sponge bristles make a great, soft-smelling base for a makeup look.

You’ll need: 1 jar of facial cleansing oil (I use Nature Republic’s Essential Eye Cleansing Oil) 1 small bottle of Essential Oil 1 spray bottle of lavender oil 2 hand-held facial brushes, the ones with the gel-type bristles 3 different facial makeup brushes 4 small bottle eyeshadows 1/2 to 1 cup of powdered lavender essential oil 1 packet of lavenders essential oil (to make your eyeliner or eyeliner product) If you don’t have access to a silicone or oil-based eye brush that has a sponge tip, you can make your makeup look natural with these eye brushes.

For a little extra oomph, try using a liquid eye shadow.

If you’re using a spray bottle, you’ll want to use a sprayer bottle instead.

You can use a gel- or liquid eyeliner for this, but I usually spray on a thick, white foundation.

This makes it easier to blend the eyeliner onto the skin. 

Start with your foundation.

For this tutorial, I’m using an Eye Shadow Palette that contains six shades of lavendolone.

This is my go-to eyeliner and is perfect for makeup applications.

I’ve tried a lot so far, but it’s so pigmented that it’s not a big fan of using it on my face.

The Eye Palette also includes a brush and eyeliner applicator, but if you’re not a fan of the applicator for makeup, then you can get a silicone eyeliner brush instead. 

Next, you want to brush the eyeliners onto your face.

You’ll want a foam brush for this step, and you’ll also want to add a little bit of the product onto the crease of your cheekbones to make it look more natural.

The first time I did this, I was a little worried because I’m not a huge fan of creasing my cheeks with makeup.

I think it’s a little unnatural, and I think people have a tendency to brush their cheeks all over their face when they’re makeup-less.

You want to make sure your face doesn’t look too close to the eye, but not too far.

If there’s too much product, your face will look too thick.

For my face, I used a small eyeliner tube to brush onto my cheekbones.

I then added a little more product onto my lips, and pressed the product down. 

Now, it’s time to get your eye makeup done. 

You’ll want something that’s comfortable and non-porous.

For eyeliner, I like to use something like the Eye Lips Palette, which contains six different eye shades.

For me, this is the Eye Palettes Eyeliner in Black, the Eyeliners Eyelids in Red, the Eyes in White, and so on. 

For my eyes, I also use the Lids Palette and the Lid Palette.

These are eye makeup applicators, which have a silicone tip and are great for applying eye makeup. 

Finally, you need a mascara brush. 

To make a mascara, you should use a very thin, medium-sized brush.

If your eyelashes are long and you have long eyelashes, you may want to choose a shorter, thinner brush for the eyelashes. 

These are the brushes that come with the eye cosmetics. 

Grab the brush and apply some of the mascara to your eyelids.

Make sure you’re applying all the mascara evenly, because your eyelid lashes may curl. 

Take your time, because you don’s make any mistakes. 

Your eyelashes will look pretty good if you don t mess with the brush too