What you need to know about keeping your skin and hair looking fresh: How to get rid of dry skin, how to remove the dirt from your skin, and how to keep skin and skin hair looking healthy.


Wash your face and body daily.

If you’re tired, sick, or feeling unwell, take some time to wash your face, body and hair with a gentle soap.

This will help to prevent infection.

Wash them frequently and you’ll keep your skin looking healthy and clean.2.

Eat a healthy diet.

Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and seeds of all kinds.


Exfoliate your skin with an oil cleanser.

A good cleanser is an oil-free cleanser that has a gentle lather.

You can find it in beauty and health shops.

It’s a natural cleanser made with soap, water and a mild detergent.4.

Use a moisturiser on your face to prevent sunburn and breakouts.5.

Use face creams, facial creams and hair care products to protect your skin.6.

Avoid the temptation to overdo your facial moisturiser or conditioner.7.

Wash and condition your hair with hair shampoo, conditioner and conditioner (or conditioner-free conditioner) or a hair dryer.

If the hair needs a thorough cleaning, apply conditioner or hair wash to your hair.8.

Apply conditioner to hair and leave it for three minutes.

Apply shampoo to hair, leave it overnight and use it for two weeks.9.

Avoid wearing contact lenses, sunglasses or contact lenses for the duration of the procedure.10.

Keep your skin healthy by following a natural skin care routine.

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