What are the symptoms of facial breakdown?

There are some common facial breakdown symptoms, including redness and swelling around the face, redness around the mouth, and swelling of the lips.

You might have redness on your neck or shoulders, your jawline, or your cheekbones.

You may also feel a little swollen around your nose, or around the corners of your mouth.

In addition, you may have difficulty breathing.

What is the most effective treatment for facial breakdown and swelling?

If you experience a facial breakdown or swelling, it is best to have your skin examined.

If you have any other symptoms that don’t look like a breakdown, you should get an x-ray or other medical evaluation.

In some cases, your symptoms can be a sign of a deeper problem with your skin.

You should also discuss treatment options with your doctor.

If there is a medical reason you have trouble breathing, talk to your doctor about taking a breathing machine, or try an inhaler.

In general, it’s best to see a doctor if you: Have redness, swelling, or redness in the area around your eyes, or lips