Glytone, the luxury cosmetics brand founded by actress Rosanna Arquette, is adding a fresh color to its line of facial wipes.

The cosmetics company said on Wednesday that it will begin selling a line of the cleansers at select retailers including Macy’s, Target, Walmart and Nordstrom. 

The new product, called Glytone Fruity Facial Cleanser, is named after the iconic singer-songwriter and musician who also starred in films including “Pleasure.” 

“Glytone Fucce is an elegant, fruity scent that reminds us of our favorite times,” the brand said on its Instagram account. 

“This is a refreshing scent for those of us who want to give their skin a fresh shine and take a moment to relax. 

We’ve been wanting to make Glytone Facial Cleaners for a while and we’re excited to bring it to our consumers.”

The brand’s new facial wipes will go on sale April 21 at select Macy’s locations and at select Target stores and online. 

At select retailers, shoppers can purchase a $4.99 box of the products or $9.99 pack for $25.

Glyton Facial Moisturizers are available in two flavors: peach and lime.