Australian beauty brand Tropiclean is planning to sell a new line of products that aim to help people to relax their face by moisturizing it.

The products are aimed at the health conscious, who may not be used to having their skin moisturised but might be interested in the products because they are made from coconut oil, a natural ingredient that has been proven to help reduce the risk of skin cancer.

While Tropicleans facial cleansers, lip balms and facial scrubs are currently available only in stores, the company plans to launch a range of products through online and physical outlets across the country in the coming months.

It is hoped that the new line will help to boost sales for Tropiclea’s products and attract more customers, as the brand has been growing steadily in popularity in recent years.

While many people may not realise the health benefits of coconut oil and the benefits of the product itself, Tropicleani says that the coconut oil is used as a “natural skin moisturiser” and can help to protect skin from environmental pollutants.

“This product is a natural, non-drying moisturiser that will help the skin to absorb moisture, which helps to keep your skin healthy,” said Tropicleanea chief executive officer Michelle Atherton.

The brand has recently started to introduce new products in a new range of skin care products.

The new products are intended to be a “full range” with a range from the coconut cleanser to the moisturiser to the face cream.

“We’re hoping this will help us to grow the brand, and we think that the health benefit will be something that people will really embrace,” said Ms Atherson.

The company’s products are currently in the pre-orders stage, with the first batch of the Tropicleanos facial moisturisers set to go on sale in the first quarter of next year.

“Our intention is to sell them all by the end of the year,” Ms Anderton said.

“In order to make it more accessible for consumers, we’re doing a trial run and offering the free samples to those who have purchased the product before, and those who want to get the full range.”

Ms Anderson said Tropicles products would be available in both the US and Europe.

The Australian cosmetics industry is struggling to stay afloat amid the rising popularity of other products such as the face wash and moisturiser, as well as the rise of veganism.

Ms Athersons plans are aimed to address these concerns by offering a range that people can use and enjoy.

The beauty industry has been hit hard by the rise in veganism in recent months, with vegan beauty products now the number one selling category in the United States, according to Consumer Reports.

In addition, consumers are increasingly turning to natural products such a cosmetics, face wash, moisturiser and hair care products, with many of these products being made from plants such as coconut oil.

Ms Mollie Anderons hopes that Tropicleas products will appeal to a broader market, with a strong emphasis on its natural ingredients.

“The idea is to be able to bring the brand to people who might not be aware of coconut and coconut oil,” Ms Mollies said.