Health officials in California are cracking down on a cosmetics company that’s making facial cleansers that promise to kill acne-causing bacteria.

The state Health Department says it will require the company to stop making facial creams that are marketed to kids as a “piggyback” on other facial products.

But the state isn’t saying what those products are, and it’s unclear how they work.

California regulators have also told the company that it can’t make the facial cleanses at all.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture has issued warnings about facial cleansants that say they don’t provide enough water and have been linked to cancer and birth defects.

The agency is asking that the company remove its facial cleans and replace them with fresh, pure water.

A spokesperson for the company told Reuters that it has been following the new regulation, and that it had received no regulatory or other inquiries about the facial cleansing products.

California’s warning follows a similar one issued by the FDA in May.

In May, the agency warned that a new facial cleansant that was being marketed as a way to treat acne-prone skin and other skin disorders was “a potentially toxic chemical” that might harm the health of people with acne and other conditions.

The FDA did not specify what kind of conditions the new facial cleansing product was meant to treat, but it said the product’s ingredients included a form of vitamin E, a natural anti-inflammatory, and a substance that can cause cancer.

The company that makes the facial products has been ordered to stop selling them to customers.

California has been under scrutiny since the coronavirus pandemic, when the FDA issued warnings to the state about products like the facial wipes, saying they were being marketed to people with compromised immune systems.