The Worst Haircuts People Asked For

The Pineapple

Fade Haircut Styles

We can only imagine what inspired this gentleman to get a haircut like this. So far, we’ve come up with two possibilities. Either he really loves pineapples or he’s a huge fan of SpongeBob SquarePants and wanted to look like his home of a pineapple under the sea.

Regardless, between the diamond-shaped undercut to the amazing dye job, his head really does look like a pineapple. By the way, he’s smooching that fruit, we’re going to guess that he’s a pineapple-lover. He took his affection to the next level, that’s for sure!

The Patriot

Know Your Meme

We are just as patriotic as the next person, but this guy has us all beat. He loves the USA so much that he sat down in the barber chair and requested that they buzz an American flag into the side of his head. If that wasn’t enough, he took it a step further.

The dude got a mullet haircut! From the feathered hair on top to the long tendrils in the back, this look makes quite a statement. Honestly, if you’re going to get a mullet, you might as well go ahead and get a design shaved on the side.

The Evil Eye


We’d love to have been a fly on the wall during the consultation for this wild haircut. How did this idea even come about? Did the woman tell the hairdresser that she wanted to be able to see out the back of her head? This style must have some serious time to craft.

From the pink streaks on the top to the bizarre bleached-out eyeball in the back, the whole thing is just insane. Although, we kind of like the eyelash effect around the fake eyeball. We’d be scared to walk behind this lady for fear of getting stricken with the evil eye!

The Tennis Ball

Bored Panda

This man’s hair is so bright that it’s almost blinding. He was obviously inspired by a tennis ball and we have to admit, we’re kind of impressed. He totally looks like his head is a tennis ball. How did they get his hair color to match the color of the ball so perfectly?

We’re also impressed by the white lines and the black emblem shaved into his head. We can only hope that he did this to celebrate a tennis match, or maybe he just really loves the game? Either way, you could see this guy coming from a mile away.

Rat Tail


We’ve heard of a rat tail, but this is just ridiculous! Someone shaved their head so their hair resembled a rat on the back of their skull. While this may seem a bit gross, it’s actually quite remarkable just how much that little patch of hair looks like a rat.

We can’t decide if the person who performed this haircut was a total genius or a total hack. Either way, it takes a special person to rock a rodent haircut. There’s no way that we could pull off something like this. Then again, why would we want to?

The Barcode

Messy Nessy Chic

This next haircut is a bit confusing, but this gentleman is actually part of a Mexican subculture that calls themselves “Cholombians”. People in this group actually celebrate ugly hair and Vice magazine ran an entire photo spread highlighting their crazy looks.

While we would never make fun of someone’s culture, we have to point out the trend of slicking long hair to the side of their faces. Another style that sets these guys apart is how they texture and style their bangs. Check out that spikey patch on top of his head. These fellas have their own thing going, that’s for sure.



What in the holy hipster haircut do we have here? Someone had that brilliant idea to go to the barbershop and request a very interesting design be shaved into the back of his head. Here we have the image of a man wearing sunglasses.

Despite being super ugly, this hairstyle is actually pretty creative. We particularly like the handlebar mustache and the extra detail of the sideburns behind this guy’s ear. It’s a bold look and we have a feeling he went straight to the nearest hipster bar to show it off.

Leopard Print


It seems like anything goes in this day and age when it comes to cut and color. People can get away with all sorts of crazy looks, but that doesn’t mean that they should. For example, this awful undercut and splotchy leopard print do.

From the burnt orange color to the odd shapes dyed over the buzz cut, this looks like an experiment gone wrong. The spiky hair on top isn’t doing this person any favors, either. Overall, we give this haircut an “F” for freaky. Does anybody else get Tigger vibes from this one?

The Crown

Acid Cow

This woman was so proud of her hairstyle that she took a moment from work to snap a selfie. Can you blame her? That is quite a tower of cascading hair and we can only imagine how long it took her to achieve such great heights.

We can’t even hate on her for this amazing look. From the burgundy color to her painted-on eyebrows, this lady is fierce, and she knows it. This is one hairdo that is totally fit for a queen, since it looks like she’s wearing a glorious crown on her head.

The Lizard


This next ugly haircut gets the award for the most creative look on this list. Have you ever seen a lizard mohawk before? If not, you’re lucky enough to be gazing upon one now. This one seems like it might have actually taken quite a bit of talent to undertake.

The legs and feet of the gecko are impressive on their own, much less the ombre dye job on the mohawk. We especially like the addition of the eyes to create the cutest little face on this guy’s widow’s peak. We hope he entered some sort of crazy hair contest cause he could take home first prize.

The Hack Job

Hairstyle Weekly

We can’t decide if this awful haircut was done on purpose or if it was an accident of some sort. It looks like the hairdresser slipped while she was cutting this woman’s bangs and mistakingly chopped off part of her bangs. The scary thing is, it was an intentional haircut.

This combination bowl/undercut is a real trend that hipsters are wearing these days. While every generation has its signature style, we think she might look back on this one and have a few regrets. This is just not a good look on her.

All About The Ear

Bored Panda

Men are getting more and more daring with their hair these days, especially when it comes to undercuts, where they shave the bottom and back of their hair into interesting shapes and designs. While we support men expressing themselves through hairstyles, this is just weird.

He has some sort of fade that circles his ear. This guy loves his ear so much that he even incorporated his beard into highlighting that specific body part. The style on top really isn’t that bad, but it still doesn’t negate how strange this one is if you ask us.

No Words For This One


Can someone please explain exactly what is going on with this haircut? This is one of the styles that combines different looks. Up top, we have a bowl cut. Then there’s some sort of modified mullet with a potential rat tail. Honestly, we can’t even begin to understand what we’re looking at.

The back looks like some sort of alien landing pad for a UFO to land on. Either way, she looks like a total freakazoid. By the expression on her face, we get the feeling that she knows she made a huge mistake. This one should be fun to grow out.

The Checkerboard

Men’s Haircuts

We get this guy was trying to be edgy with a checkerboard undercut, but instead, it just looks odd. For starters, the patches of squares aren’t even shaped correctly. It totally looks like the barber’s hand slipped and the buzzer took out random chunks of hair.

Then, the fohawk in the front, combined with his textured crown, just doesn’t seem to go together. It’s like a mismatched haircut that went awry. It’s hard to believe that someone snapped an artsy pic of this one as if they were proud of it. It’s a big NO from us.

Poop Emoji


Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought to yourself, ‘I want my hair to look like a pile of poo’? That’s exactly what this man did. We can understand wanting to jump on top of current trends, like the poop emoji, but this is just gross.

Someone took the time and energy to create these swirls on his noggin. The little patch on top really seals the deal when it comes to making it look like a fresh dump. Ew! We feel gross just typing that. All this one needs is wiggly eyes on top to complete the look.

The Skullet

Instagram| @haircreationsbysophie

This next horrid hair trend is what professional hairdressers are calling a “Skullet”. We just call it plain ugly. What is a skullet, you might ask? It’s a more extreme version of the mullet, where the entire top and sides are shaved and the back of the hair is long.

It’s a popular look with punks and skinheads. Honestly, we’re kind of scared of this girl, so we won’t trash her too much. Let’s just say that we’d be closing our eyes too if we had this hairstyle. Either way, she’s pulling off her punk rock look with all those piercings. We officially feel old.

Rainbow Granny


We’ve got to give it up for this grandma who is trying to stay trendy. From her pixie cut to the interesting rainbow dye job, she’s rocking this look for sure. While we may not choose to look like this when we’re an old lady, more power to her.

Not only did she hit the crazy color trend, but she’s sporting an undercut as well. Okay, we’re just jealous because this woman is cooler than we’ll ever be. It’s actually refreshing to see a Granny thinking outside of the box and doing something fun with her hair.

Crazy Bangs

The Sun

This gentleman’s haircut has us scratching our heads. Let’s break it down for you. To start, we have a buzz cut where all the hair has been removed except for a patch of bangs. While this would be strange enough, he’s got something else going on across his forehead.

Did he collect hair from the ground and use hair product to stick another layer of bangs beneath his already ugly bangs? While we respect his right to wear his hair however he wants to, this look actually feels like some sort of crime against humanity.

The Mullet


We all have school photos that we’re embarrassed about, but this one takes the cake. We’re not sure if this pic was taken in the 80s when the mullet was initially the king of cuts or if it was taken recently and this kid is being ironic. Either way, it’s just ugly.

He had to have taken some time to get his hair to stand up on top like that, so this look was totally intentional. From the flattop to the shaved sides, to the long mullet in the back, this fella is all business in the front and party in the back.

The Emo Kid

Macho Hairstyles

This emo haircut is one trend from the early 2000s that we are so glad is out of style. There is just so much wrong with this look that we hardly even know where to start. First of all, the bleached blonde hair is just atrocious and looks to have totally damaged his locks.

Secondly, the textured front of the hair is so frayed that he may never come back from the hack job. Finally, the spiked and stiff hair in the back looks like a “Karen” haircut gone wrong. We wonder if he went home and bit his pillow after this pic was taken.

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Author: Hailey Warren