The Biggest Warning Signs Of An Impending Disaster

A Supercell Cloud In The Sky!


Sitting on the grass and observing white, fluffy clouds can be a soothing way to pass the time, but if you are in front of a supercell cloud, take cover. The supercell storm clouds are lower than the rest of the storm and can be up to five miles long.

The rapidly rising air causes the pressure to drop under the storm, forming the supercell cloud. These formations can be dangerous because if the cloud rotates, it can produce a destructive tornado. As we all learned from The Wizard of Oz, tornadoes can be the beginning of an incredibly colorful journey, but in general, it’s only bad news.

Avoid The Channel Of A Rip Current

National Park Service

If you see a rip current on the beach, algae, and debris moving away from the shore in a particular area, a section of discolored water or a space in the wave line, it is likely that a deadly current will form below the water surface. Commonly—though incorrectly—called riptides, these currents are very fast and powerful water channels that can take you away from the shore.

These currents kill more than 100 people each year in the United States, and they are responsible for most rescues by rescuers. You can check for currents before entering the water, but if you get caught in one of them, you should swim parallel to the shoreline to get out of the channel. Then, make an angle with the shoreline.

If The Animals Start To Flee, An Earthquake Could Be About To Happen


As early as 373 BC, in Greece, people reported that animals such as rats, snakes, and insects fled their homes a few days before a major earthquake shook the earth. But so far, these stories are not supported by science. Scientists do not know what animals detect—if they actually detect something. It is also quite difficult to study their behavior just before an earthquake.

In general, animals can detect earthquakes a few seconds before humans, because they feel the small initial vibrations that we cannot detect. But although it may be marginally useful, it will not tell you to leave the earthquake area early enough.

Beware Of A Tree In The Shape Of A “J”

Have you ever hiked and noticed a tree in the shape of the letter “J”? You may have escaped a very dangerous situation as it is a sign of an impending landslide. The soil moves very slowly, so the trees grow in strange shapes.

Another sign of a potential landslide is soil cracking, which could be on the sidewalk, on the street, or on the ground. In addition, if there has been a landslide before, another one may be on the way. However, it should be noted that landslides occur on slopes. So if you are in a flat area, you are probably safe.

When The Sea Level Drops, The Danger Is Not Far Behind


If you walk along the beach of the Pacific Ocean sea and the water starts to recede, you may be in trouble. Are coral reefs uncovered? Don’t waste time looking at floating fish or pretty coral. Reach the heights as quickly as possible. A tsunami is probably about to happen.

Tsunamis usually occur when an earthquake occurs underwater. At this point, the waves can move as fast as a jet plane—that is 500 miles per hour—across the ocean. It is better to monitor sea levels along with other beaches because while tsunamis are more frequent in the Pacific, they also occur elsewhere.

If The Animals Start Running Towards You, There Could Be A Fire Behind Them


If you see birds and mammals flying and running towards you, it could be a sign that there is a forest fire behind them. Some animals, like amphibians, stay in the fire, digging underground to escape it, but others run as fast as they can.

So, seeing animals moving fast towards you could be a really good sign to decide to quickly turn back and run in the opposite direction as well, but obviously, if you see smoke, it is also a pretty good indicator of a forest fire.

If Your Hair Stands On Your Head, Do Something About It!

NBC News

Lightning strikes may seem to be the “unicorn” of natural threats, but every year, lightning claims more victims than unprovoked shark attacks. Although the annual number of deaths has decreased significantly since the 1940s, it is because people are more aware of the danger.

So, if your hair starts to stand up on your head and your jewelry starts buzzing, the lightning is probably about to strike very close to you. Take immediate shelter, or if you can’t do it, squat down to the ground and make yourself very small. Touch the ground as little as possible, leaning on the soles of your feet, then step out of the area when you can.

Sharks Swimming To Deeper Waters Probably Means That A Hurricane Is Coming


In the event that you are in the ocean and you see a band of sharks swimming deeper in the water, it is likely that a hurricane or tropical storm will approach. They probably feel the drop in barometric pressure that accompanies the storm and try to get out of the rough zone.

Contrary to what popular films like Jaws show, sharks do not have the sole mission of attacking humans. Thus, instead of staying at shallow depths and being carried to nearby cities, sharks try to find shelter. Don’t believe these fake pictures of sharks in shopping malls and flooded streets, because these animals haven’t evolved for millions of years to be so stupid.

If You Hear The Roar Of The Water, Run To A High Place


If it rains a lot, you are near a stream or a river, and you hear the roar of the flowing water, immediately reach high ground. It is likely that a flash flood is about to pour in front of you, and considering that floods are the second most deadly form of severe weather in the United States, you don’t want to be caught in it.

Flash floods are incredibly powerful. They can move rocks, level buildings, uproot trees and drag bridges. Broken dams failed dikes and heavy rains can cause flash floods. Unfortunately, the rain is only romantic until it takes half the road.

If You Hear A Rumbling Sound Of Breaking Water, Take Refuge At A Height

USA Today

If it has rained a lot recently and you are near a watercourse, a flash flood may occur. Did you know that in the United States, floods are the second most deadly form of a weather disaster? It is therefore best not to take them lightly.

Unexpected floods can be very powerful. They are able to move rocks, destroy buildings, uproot trees and carry bridges. Unexpected floods can be caused by a broken dam, a failed dike or heavy rain.

If All Golden-Winged Warblers Fly To Safety, A Storm Is Not Far Away


The golden-winged warblers can feel the storms coming and if they suddenly all fly to a shelter, it is probably because a tornado of great strength is approaching. Researchers studied these birds in April 2014 in Tennessee, following a specific group that flew far away to leave the state.

While analyzing the geolocators’ data, the researchers noticed that the warblers had traveled to Florida while one of them had flown to Cuba. After a few days, the birds all returned to Tennessee, counting a 900-mile round trip. According to scientists, the warblers picked up low-frequency infrasound from nearby storms and fled.

If There Are Fish On The Beach, Do Not Go In The Water

Toledo Blade

A dead animal on a beach is most likely not harmful to your health, but if you see several fish or other animals, it probably means that the water is toxic. It can be a red tide storming the beach, which happens particularly often in the Gulf of Mexico because of a type of algae called Karenia Brevis.

When a body of water contains a lot of these toxic algae, it causes a red tide, which can actually make the water reddish or brown, but sometimes the water retains its normal color. Venturing into toxic water can cause respiratory irritation, coughing and itching in the throat. If this happens to you, rinse yourself thoroughly with fresh water and the symptoms should disappear.

Snow Cracking Under Your Feet Can Indicate An Avalanche

Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center

Skiing or hiking in the mountains is very pleasant, as long as an avalanche does not spoil the moment. At speeds of up to 80 miles per hour, it may be impossible to escape this type of natural disaster. However, if you see the warning signs of an avalanche, you are much more likely to get away with it.

When you walk on snow, does it seem to you to be hollow? Do you hear strange noise, like whumping under your feet? If you look around your feet, do you see cracks in the snow? These are signs of a possible avalanche. In addition, if there have been recent heavy snow or rain showers, warmer than normal days or landslides in the area, the risk of avalanches is even higher.

Beware Of Lakes Near Volcanoes In Warm Places


If you venture near a lake in a very hot area that never has a cooler day and a volcano is nearby, be very careful. The underground magma from the volcano may be pushing carbon dioxide to the bottom of the lake where there is high pressure, and the lake may be just the equivalent of a can of violently shaken soda that is just waiting to explode. Since it is always hot, the lake can never mix, and therefore, let all this gas escape.

A gas-filled lake that would be disrupted by heavy rains or an earthquake would experience a limnic eruption. In other words, it would explode. The water would burst and carbon dioxide would fill the air, killing everything for miles around.

Do You See Bands Of Clouds In The Sky? Take Refuge In The Basement

Australian Severe Weather

You look out and you see a long trail of rotating clouds extending to a storm in the distance? Immediately stop contemplating it and go to the basement, as far away from the windows as possible, as a tornado is brewing.

These long clouds are called “inflow bands” and are a sign that a storm is sucking in low-level air over a large area. This type of cloud generally points south or southeast and is low in the sky. They are always a bad sign, so never take a chance if you see them!

Is It The Full Moon Or The New Moon And You’re In A Cave? Get Out!

Beaches are often bordered by caves that are only accessible at low tide. You stroll along the beach and see a cave that appeals to you. You enter and admire the wonders they offer you, but be careful! If the tide comes in—and tides generally come in fast—you will get stuck.

Even if you are careful, know that during a full moon or a new moon, when the sun, earth, and moon are well aligned, the tide is even higher than usual. Called the Spring Tide, it reaches higher than normal heights because the stars pull more on it.

Volcanoes Alert You Before They Erupt

Visiting a volcano is a very enjoyable activity, but as the tragic story of Pompeii reminds us, it can also be very dangerous. How do you know if the volcano is not about to erupt? Well, there are warning signs, such as small earthquakes under the volcano, some swelling of its wall and more intense heat, as well as more gas coming out of it. However, it can be difficult for someone who is not used to them to spot them.

Good news: Volcanologists who constantly monitor these signals using radar satellites and other sensors are doing the job for you. Technology is sometimes the only way to effectively detect certain signs of nature, but even the most advanced devices have difficulty monitoring the gas that announces eruptions that escape the most, water vapor, since air already contains a lot of it.

If You See A Fungus Growing Near A Tree, Don’t Eat It

MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory

There are several types of deadly fungi, the worst being those called the “destroying angel” and “death cap”, belonging to the Amanita family. The destroying angel is all white while the death cap can vary between yellow, brown and white on top, while its base is white.

The problem is that it is quite difficult to differentiate between the different types of fungi. However, most Amanita grows near trees, so it is best to avoid eating any fungi you spot near a tree. To take the least chance possible, it is actually advised not to eat any mushrooms you find in the wild.

Colorful Animals Are Generally Dangerous


It is unlikely that you will find yourself in a situation where eating a wild animal is your only way to eat, but it is the daily life of wild animals. When a predator sees an animal with bright colors such as red, orange, or yellow, he knows he’d better stay away. Evolution has given these animals bright colors because they are dangerous, and as a result, predators are warned.

For example, a monarch is a bright orange butterfly and if a bird eats it, it will be very sick. We can also think of the coral snake, which has bright yellow and red stripes and is poisonous. However, this is sometimes a false warning, as in the case of the king snake, which has evolved to resemble the coral snake but is, in fact, harmless.

If You See Square Waves, Get Out Of The Water


You might think that this oceanic configuration does not even seem possible, but it occurs when two wave systems meet. One of the wave systems continues despite the movement of the wind, creating what is called a “crossed sea”.

These crossed seas can be incredibly dangerous for ships, surfers and swimmers. Below the surface of these crossed seas is an exceptionally strong current that can drag you underwater. Water is also very difficult for boats to navigate, so some of them are shipwrecked.

A Tree With Deep Cracks Or Missing Bark May Be About To Fall

Global News

A falling tree can be dangerous to your life or your bank account, especially if it falls on you or something you own. To avoid damage, we suggest that you check the trees near your home. There are a variety of signs that show that the tree may be about to fall.

For example, are there any deep cracks in the bark or are there any missing bark sections? A hole in the trunk, dead or falling branches, and an inclined trunk are all signs that something is wrong with the tree. Check to see if it is losing leaves from the outside. If your tree shows these signs, it may fall in a strong gust.

When You See A Bull, Beware Of These Signs

American Outdoor Guide

Every year, more people die from cow and bull attacks than from sharks, so you should pay attention to their behavior when you are in the vicinity of these animals. If a cow or bull is wading on the ground or sniffing, make sure you have something in between, such as a tree. Bulls are notoriously dangerous, but cows can also be dangerous, especially if they have calves.

Bulls also threaten you by showing the side of their body with an arched back and lowered head. A bull can shake its head from side to side and the hairs on its neck can be lifted. Once the bull is ready to attack, its head will be lowered and directed towards its target. At that time, walk backward to at least 20 feet and the bull should lose interest in you.

Listening To Frogs Can Help You Predict The Weather


Frogs are famous for their croaking, but if you’ve heard them croaking much more than usual, it may be because it’s about to rain. The main reason why the male frogs croak is to attract their potential female partners.

The male croaks to get the attention of a female even if they can’t see or hear one. By croaking, they bring the females to themselves and they can then lay their eggs in the water. And the funny thing is that they usually do it before it rains.

A Bright Pavement Can Be Dangerous In Winter


Black ice is not really black, but rather transparent, which makes it particularly dangerous, especially when driving. It usually forms when it rains at temperatures near freezing because the water turns into ice when it hits the sidewalk or cold pavement.

So note the weather before you drive, to see if you need to be very careful. If the road or sidewalk is shiny in one place and dry in another, it is probably black ice. When driving, stay calm and keep a controlled speed—so avoid accelerating or braking abruptly.

If You See A Wall Of Dust, Leave The Road Immediately

Fonder’s Free

If you are driving in the southwestern United States and you see a cloud of dust coming, try to get off the road safely. Stay away from the public road, turn on your emergency brake and turn off your car’s headlights. Dust storms can cause massive car accidents, so it is best to stay as far away from other cars as possible.

It is also important to turn off your headlights when you are parked off the road. Otherwise, the headlights could cause other drivers to deflect towards you. If you can’t get off the road, turn on your headlights and drive slowly, using your horn from time to time.

If A Skunk Slaps His Feet And Lifts His Tail, Get Out Of His Spray Area

Varment Guard Wildlife Services

Although being sprayed by a skunk can’t harm your physical health, it’s very unpleasant. Be aware, however, that these animals have a limited spray, so they warn you before spraying you with their stinking smell.

If you see a skunk lifting its tail and shaking it, step back. If you do not, the skunk will dab her feet and lift her butt towards you, giving you a final warning sign to keep away from her. And if you don’t leave her alone at that time, you’ll be crushed.

If A Lake Is Covered With White Or Grey Ice, Do Not Walk On It


If you are going to try ice skating or just walk on a frozen lake, you should first make sure it is safe. There are professionals who check the surface of some lakes, but this is sadly not the case for all places, and venturing onto a lake that is not frozen enough can be very dangerous.

It is, therefore, best to ensure that the ice surface of the lake you want to go on is thick enough before attempting any expedition you had planned, whether you are on foot, ice skates or other. If the ice covering the lake is white or grey, do not venture out. If the ice is light blue or black, you can go ahead.

If You Are Stung By A Bee Near A Hive, Go To Safety

Cincinnati Art Museum

If you are stung by a bee near a hive, the most important thing to do is not crush or threaten it. Although the honey bee dies after stinging a person, the person emits pheromones that call out to nearby bees to attack.

So if you’re near a bee’s hive and get stung by one of them, you may want to run away and take cover somewhere. A bee sting is very painful, so you certainly don’t want to take the risk of getting more than one at a time!

If You See A Hole In The Sky, Try Not To Get Yourself Kidnapped


The aliens are invading us! Fallstreak holes, also known as “punch hole clouds”, are often the type of cloud that is attributed to alien invasions since they form a kind of large circular hole vaguely resembling a vessel that would move away. Cavities are formed in clouds at medium to high altitudes. These clouds are formed by water droplets at temperatures near the freezing point. It is the planes that pierce the clouds that allow the droplets to freeze.

As air passes over the wings and blades of an aircraft’s propeller, the air expands and cools, reducing the temperature just enough to allow the droplets to freeze. This is when the ice crystals grow and fall, causing the water droplets surrounding the crystals to evaporate. This phenomenon causes a large hole in the middle of the cloud and brush-shaped ice trails under it.

Rattlesnakes Tell You When They Are Angry


It is probably the most well-known sign of the nature of all. When a rattlesnake is angry, it shakes its tail. This rattle is made of keratin segments, the same component as our nails. By vibrating, the different segments interlock; this is what creates the typical noise.

When a snake moults, it loses its skin and a new segment is added to its bell. They use the latter to warn undesirables, animal or human enemies, that if they approach, it is ready to bite and inject its venom. The rattlesnake usually uses its venom to kill small mammals they feed on after it has spotted them through its heat-sensitive vision.

If You See Five-Foot Footprints And Scratches On The Trees, Be Careful

Jess Lee

When hiking, it is always best to be on the lookout for bears or signs of them. You might see paw prints in the mud that are tall with five toes and claws. They are vaguely diamond-shaped. You may also see scratches on nearby trees. There are a few other signs of bears, such as tufts of fur or feces.

If you see these signs, keep an eye out for the animal. If you see a bear, do not run and avoid eye contact. You should speak quietly and slowly wave your arms, making yourself look as big as possible. Then, slowly, move away sideways.

Morning And Evening, A Red Sky Can Predict The Weather

Wikimedia Commons

It is well known nowadays that a colored sky can predict the temperature. A red sky is created by sunlight bouncing off water vapor and dust particles in the air, so it is said to be able to predict the weather. Generally, the weather moves from west to east, so red sky time can partly predict the weather of the day or the next day.

If the sky is red at night, it is because the weather will probably be fine the next day because the dust particles indicate a high-pressure system. On the contrary, a red sky in the morning could indicate that good weather is passing and a low-pressure system is coming from the west.

If You See Red Berries In The Wild, Don’t Eat Them

Triangle Gardener Magazine

In general, don’t eat random things in nature unless you are sure of what they are. There are several types of red berries that are not described and are toxic to humans. Holly berries can cause vomiting, dogwood berries are often eaten by birds, but are not safe for humans, and cotoneaster berries can cause seizures.

Call the poison control center and go to the hospital as fast as possible if you have eaten berries you don’t know or if someone you know has eaten unknown berries. Instead of tasting nature on your next hike, simply take a few raspberries with you.

Predict Tomorrow’s Weather With The Ring Around The Sun Or The Moon

India Today

You’ve certainly seen a glow surrounding the sun or the moon before, haven’t you? Well, these rings form when very thin and high cirrus clouds are found in the sky. Containing tiny ice crystals that reflect light, these clouds create these rings.

Cirrus clouds tend to appear before a storm, so it is possible that if you see a light ring, it will rain the next day or two days later. The luminous ring is a sign that low pressure is about to disturb the good weather.

If Your Dog Is Interested In A Particular Part Of Your Body, Get An Examination

Pawsome Advice

Dogs feel a lot of things, and even if they can’t communicate with you through speech, they have other ways to tell you things. For example, if your dog has been sniffing or licking a particular part of your body constantly for some time, you might want to go for an examination. Indeed, your dog’s nose is so powerful that he can detect the signs of cancer.

According to scientists, dogs are able to smell certain organic compounds from cancer. Studies have shown that dogs are able to distinguish the urine of a person with cancer from the urine of a healthy person. There are also many examples where a dog has been able to alert its owner of advancing cancer.

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